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Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

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Energy Healing is one of the first and most important of all complementary therapies that will teach you the basics of how to channel energy. Many holistic therapists use many forms of energy healing however this course will be helpful for any of you whom already use other therapies or are wishing to learn about holistic therapy for the very first time. Energy healing is very different from faith healing which takes place within a religious context; energy healing can be learned by anyone regardless of their beliefs.

This form of healing is the basis for all therapies and can help to overcome depression, addictions, grief, insomnia and physical pain. Although these are just a few of the things that an Energy Healing Practitioner can help with there are a variety of conditions that this treatment is beneficial for.

Benefits of having knowledge and skills in Energy Healing

To have knowledge and possess skills in this subject can be a useful tool to assist yourself and others in dealing with mental, physical and emotional difficulties and help treat certain medical conditions; it is the beginning of a fascinating and exciting journey into the world of Energy Healing.

Overview of Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Complete Certificate Course in Energy Healing.

This course is in 3 parts and on completion you will be a competent and qualified energy practitioner with a recognised qualification to enable you to practice your therapy. You will also find this a great aid if working with any other healing therapy.

Part 1 – Lesson 1-3

 Starts with an introduction and history of the subject, and to gain an full understanding of what energy healing actually is .It continues with the understanding of how energy works and how to sense it. You will learn about the basic chakra system and how this works. You will also learn about the human Aura and you will be taught about the different levels of the aura such as the Physical, Etheric, Imaginable, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Archetypal aura.


Part 2 – Lessons 4-6

 You will learn and understand the workings of healing and about illness and disease and how energy healing actually works. You will also gain a full understanding of what it means to become and train as a professional energy healing practitioner.

You will be taught about popular healing techniques and how to move and direct the flow of energy into others by various means.


Part 3 – Lessons 7 – 9

 Learn about advanced healing techniques and tools of the trade learning the differences between advanced and regular energy healing. How to use your hands by passing them over the client’s body, ensuring your treatment room is ready for your clients and how to treat your client using energy healing methods which are taught using visual descriptions. The course will conclude with lessons and tips on how to set up a successful practice as a therapist with tips and recommended practices for you to put into place.

Learning Review
After each group of lessons, a list of related questions and answers has been provided to enable students to review their learning.


When students have successfully passed the examination, they are issued with a Certificate that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) , the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the International Institute of complementary therapists (IICT).


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