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Professional Palmistry Course

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Professional Palmistry Course

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This course provides you with a good all round knowledge of palmistry, which is the art of characterisation and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. Hand analysis or Palm Reading (as it is also known) is practiced all over the world. Although there are many cultural variations the principles are the same.

Palmistry is not just about the study of lines on the palm, but includes the understanding and interpretation of the shape of hands, fingers, nails, mounts and other formations that appear on the palms and fingers. To be a professional Palmist, you also need to understand the importance of the primary and secondary lines on an individual’s palms.There is no right or wrong answer to palmistry, but it can steer the person into making the right choices in life. The palm provides us with a map of life and it is up to the individual to make the most of it, through self-awareness so that they can shape their fate and influence their future direction.

To further confirm this theory, think about the number of times you have heard people say "Your future lies in your own hands?” – this is so true when you come to understand the intricacies involved in Palmistry.  You will then realise how useful and important it can be. This ancient science is extremely fascinating and even those who refuse to believe in the theory are inevitably drawn towards it.

Luna Online Home Studies has incorporated many diagrams and pictures of the different shapes and lines of the hand to help the student understand the complex art of Palmistry Reading.

Benefits of having knowledge and skills in Palmistry
To have knowledge and possess skills in this subject can be a useful tool to assist others and yourself in understanding why `we are what we are’ and give guidance on taking the right direction for the future.  It is the beginning of a fascinating and exciting journey into the world of Professional Palmistry.  

If you want to amaze your friends, family and clients with your accurate readings and are serious about becoming a professional palm reader then this course is a must for you.
WARNING: This course will make you the most popular person at any social function.

Overview of Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Professional Palmistry

This is a comprehensive course, hence its title, when students have successfully completed the course and their examination they can begin to practice professionally as a Palmistry Reader. This course is a must if you are new to the subject of Palm Reading or want to improve your skills.

Part 1

Lessons 1 begins with the history of Palmistry, and introduces the different hand shapes, which includes the Earth Hand, the Air Hand, the Fire Hand and finally the Water Hand and what indicates a person and  their fundamental personality.

Lesson 2 continues with explaining the different Mounts of the Hand, how they can look different on an individual and their meanings.

Lesson 3 concludes with an explanation of the fingers, thumb nails and phalanges which again further characterise an individual’s personality.

Part 2

Lesson 4 explains the principal lines of the hand, their quality, where the lines end and begin, the shapes, colours, rising lines and all of their meanings.  This lesson also includes the definition of the Life Line, calculation of the different times of life which is essential to the art of a Professional Palmist.

Lesson 5 continues with the definition of the Head Line, again the quality, length and the shape of the line and finally the lines of interference which further describes an individual’s character.

Lesson 6 concludes with the definitions of the Heart Line which is the emotional part of the makeup of a person and Fate Line which deals with careers and the path that a person can take..

Part 3

Lesson 7 begins with Minor Lines of the Hand, including the Medical Stigmata, the Lines of Marriage, the Line of Mercury, the Bracelets of Neptune, the Ring of Saturn, the Ring of Solomon, the Girdle of Venus, the Lines of Mars and finally the Line of Apollo which further describe an individual’s personality and can also help them with their future choices and direction.

Lesson 8 introduces the Crosses, Squares and Other Signs which are numerous, but again help guide the individual in their future. Finally there is an exercise for students to practice their new learnt skills in Palmistry and consolidate what they have read.

Learning Review

After Part 1 and 2 of this course there are related questions and answers that allow the students to review what they have learnt.


When students have successfully passed the examination, they are issued with a Diploma that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified practitioners through the AADP, IPHM and request Holistic Insurance with IICT.


 Individual parts of this course can be purchased separately if you wish to spread the cost.


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