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Animal Healing

Animal Healing Diploma Course

Holistic Healing for Animals

This course is designed for the layman to help their pets or, in fact, any animal through the distress and daily challenges to their health that you may come across in daily life. 
The intention of this animal healing course is to help you to help your pets’ various physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The first step to take is to learn to communicate with your pet about everyday things and their health challenges. However, finding out what they want to tell you is only the beginning. Acting on what you have been communicated is the next step. This usually involves restoring balance and harmony in their lives. There are many modalities available to us for this end and this course will cover several.
Healing is about restoring balance and harmony, healing is available to everyone, and that we can bring about healing for ourselves and for others and for our pets. Life force energy surrounds every living being, always, and by tapping into this energy we can bring balance to those we aim to help. 
lesson 1: Preparing to communicate with your pets
lesson 2: Understanding energy (Chi, Qi, Prana, Life force energy)
lesson 3: Food, nutrition and a natural diet
lesson 4: Flower essences
lesson 5: Aromatherapy for your animals
lesson 6: Chakra energy healing
lesson 7: Animal Reiki 
lesson 8: Working with Cystals
lesson 9: Animals and colour therapy
This course can also be purchased as part of our Holistic package offers


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