Useful Links for More Information on Holistic Courses

If you would like to get informed before signing up for Holistic Courses or would like more information about the field? We have put together some great links we thought would be useful to help you grow.

 We will regularly update these links. In the meantime take a look at these helpful and informative links:

Luna Holistic Distant Learning Courses

Courses on the Go

School of Life Studies

Best Holistic Guide

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Westminster Holistic Insurance

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Luna Training Academy

Find us on Reiki Pages | Luna Holistics

Find our training courses listed on CoursesPlus

Each of the links will lead you to a page that will provide you with plenty of additional information both on our courses as well as guides, laws, and further details on how you can put your training into practice. In addition the link towards the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicines website will not only help you useful information about getting into the field and growing but allow you to register as a professional holistic practitioner further broadening your reputation and customer base.

We will continue to ad links to this list so as to provide you as much information as needed to ensure you are well acquainted with Holistic Healing and how you can grow in your field. We are always searching for new legitimate websites that will help you grow in your field and make an extra income with the knowledge and experience from our online holistic courses. In the meantime be sure to like us on Facebook by following the last link and stay updated on the latest news, discounts, and information from Luna Holistic.

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