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Crystal Healing Free Guide


With the free Crystal Healing guide you will learn about the magic and power of crystal therapy or crystal healing.

Use crystals or gemstones to help healing and improving our surroundings and life.

Gemstones and crystals hold healing and spiritual attributes which one can tap through an assortment of ways. You may carry or wear a crystal or gemstone as well as place it in a location in your home or workplace where their therapeutic vibrations can be felt by whoever is nearby. Crystals and gemstones are also used by many healers by placing the stones onto their client’s bodies which helps equilibrate their chakras and aura.

This free Crystal Healing guide is the first step to understanding the power of crystals and gemstones. Here you will learn the basics, the history, and other information which will help you decide if this is a practice you would like to learn more about.

Luna Holistic Online Home Studies offers two fantastic crystal and gemstone courses which can help you on take your love for stones a step further. Take a look at our Certified Training Crystal Healing Courses page for more information on these courses and how they can be the ideal choice for anyone considering holistic therapies. 


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