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Advanced Crystal Therapy & Magic Diploma Course

Advanced Crystal Therapy/ Magic Course

Advanced Diploma Course

The online Advanced Crystal Magic Course is an ideal choice for anyone that has already studied crystals or already has some knowledge of their application in therapy and would like to take their knowledge to the next level and work as a professional certified crystal therapist.

The Online Advanced Crystal Therapy & Magic Diploma Course consists of three parts, each focusing on different points which will be essential to working as a professional crystal therapist.

Part 1

  • Basics of how crystals are formed
  • How crystals, gems, and stones are different from each other
  • Application of applying crystals for healing a variety of physical and emotional problems
  • Using crystals in conjunction with chakras, colours, auras, mediation
  • Making elixirs and essences
  • How to cleanse and charge crystals
  • Making your own sacred space
  • Overview of crystallomancy, lithomancy and crystal tarot (Helping you bring the Magic of Crystals alive)


Part 2

  • In depth review and details on working with crystal grids, layouts, and nets
  • What they are
  • How they work to benefit clients
  • Variety of grids, layouts, and nets diagrams
  • Their uses for different complaints, disorders, and ailments
  • How best to construct them


Part 3

  • Use of magic, spells, and rituals
  • How crystal magic works on the individual as well as broader characteristics including individual’s environment
  • Examples of spells and ritual mantras

Learning Review

Following each group of lessons you will be given a list of related questions that will help you to review your learning.


When students have successfully passed the examination, they are issued with a Advanced Diploma that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the AADP, IPHM and request Holistic Insurance cover. You can also purchase this course as part of our holistic package offers.

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