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Crystal Healing Diploma Course


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By taking the Online Crystal Healing Diploma Course you will tap into the power that many different cultures have used for centuries for holistic therapy.

Focusing on the individual as a whole rather than on symptoms alone it helps restore wholeness, balance, and overall health through emotions, mind, spirit, and the physical body. If you are interested in working as a certified crystal therapist you may continue with the Advanced Crystal Therapy and Magic Diploma course.

The orderliness and overall stability of the crystals atomic structure is what gives them these incredible healing properties. Their internal stability is easily restored by simple subjecting them to an outside source such as light, electricity, pressure, or heat. This is what makes crystals such an important part of so many different areas of technology. When the natural balance or rhythm of an individual is lost the body becomes unwell or diseased. Crystals are the ideal way to restore this balance as they have perfect atomic structure allowing the body to follow and help self-healing. Thus the very nature of crystals help increase the levels of harmony in the immediate environment.

Throughout the course Luna Online Home Studies has incorporated pictures of crystals and diagrams in order to help you understand the subject and practice of Crystal Healing.

Benefits of Crystal Therapy for You and Others

Taking the Distance Learning Crystal Healing Course is the beginning of a fascinating and exciting journey into the world of Crystal Healing. By knowing and possessing these skills you will have a useful tool to help yourself and others in dealing with mental and emotional difficulties as well as help treat certain medical conditions.

The Online Crystal Therapy Diploma Course is the perfect foundation for anyone wishing to train as a professional Crystal Therapist and can make an extra income with something you love all the while helping others. It is highly recommended that after completion of this course you consider continuing your studies with the Advanced Crystal Therapy & Magic Diploma Course if you are interested in working a certified crystal therapist.

Overview of Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Complete Guide and Practice of Crystal Therapy

The Crystal Therapy Diploma Course is a comprehensive course thus when students have completed it and the examination they can begin to practice professionally as Crystal Healing Therapists.

Part 1 

Lesson 1 

  • Introduction and history of Crystal Therapy
  • Crystals and Colour
  • Different Rock Crystals
  • Inclusions found in quartz

Lesson 2 

  • Working with Subtle Energy
  • Subtle Bodies on Men (our aura)
  • Polarity of the Body
  • Devic Kingdom
  • Dowsing with Crystal Pendulum
  • Taking a Chakra Reading
  • Clearing of Negative Emotions
  • Benefits, building, and strengthening to instill and build up new positive vibrations
  • Expansion to Change our Thinking and Behaviour
  • Grounding to transform our lower desires and heighten our vibrations

Lesson 3 

  • Explaining Gem Colours and Chakras
  • The Chakra System and Associated Crystals
  • Locations
  • Colours
  • Elements
  • Related Glands
  • Psychological Functions
  • Related Emotions
  • Associated Body Parts
  • Physical Dysfunctions

Part 2

Lesson 4 

  • Energies of Gemstones
  • Catalogue of Different Stones and Gemstones
  • How they can help treat certain medical conditions
  • How they can instill positive mental emotions

Lesson 5 

  • Acquiring a Stone
  • Crystals for Healing
  • Cleansing a Crystal
  • Caring for your Crystal
  • Programming your Crystals
  • Gits
  • Generator Crystals
  • Double Terminator
  • Clusters
  • Re-Programming
  • How to Work with Crystals

Lesson 6 

  • Crystal Meditations
  • Dowsing for the right time to meditate
  • Dedicating and blessing a stone
  • Ways of linking into the Devic Kingdom or higher consciousness of the crystal

Part 3

Lesson 7 

  • Link with Astrology and crystals
  • Four Metaphysical Elements
  • Earth Energy
  • Water Energy
  • Air Energy
  • Fire Energy
  • Birthstones
  • Related Zodiac Signs
  • Planets
  • Elements
  • Making of Gem, Crystal Water, and Essences
  • How they can be administered
  • What medical conditions they assist with
  • Other uses
  • How to use a pendulum to ask what essences are required
  • What days of the week certain stones should be used
  • Related positive affirmations

Lesson 8 

  • Crystal Treatments
  • Preparation for giving a crystal treatment
  • Clearing, instilling, balancing and expanding uses and how to go about this
  • Rebuild and expand consciousness at end of treatment
  • How to use crystal healing with other healing methods
  • Sample Client Treatment Card  

Learning Review

After each group of lessons, a list of related questions has been provided to allow the students to review their learning.


When students have successfully passed the Crystal diploma course examination, they are issued with a Diploma that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the AADP, IPHM and request Holistic Insurance with IICT. You can also purchase this course as part of our holistic package offers

Students may wish to continue their studies with the Crystal Therapy Advanced Diploma Course



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