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How long will it take me to complete my course work? That really is up to you. You can take as long or as quickly as you choose. Most courses take approx 30hrs of study time to complete, however all students who wish to apply for their qualification are recommended to do so within 12 months from ordering your course material. Should you wish to extend this period please let us know in advance. 

How is my course work sent to me? When you make payment for your course you will be sent an automatic download link that will enable you to open your files immediately, if ordering a package your courses will be sent to you within 24hrs. If you would also like your course posted out to you on a USB Flash Drive this can also be arranged, however please note there is an admin charge of £10 plus p&p for this service. Should you require a usb flash drive please advise us and we will then send you an invoice for the correct amount.

My Download link did not work? All the download links will expire within a few days, however we will always send your course to you as an email attachment within 24hrs of your order being placed, so please do not worry you will still get your courses.

I am unable to register as a new user? If you experience any difficulty registering on this site you can visit our main website and you can request any courses without the need to register - Visit Luna Holistics.

I have paid for my course but it has not arrived? Check your spam folder. Ensure that you can receive emails and your inbox is not full. Your courses will always be sent to you within 24hrs, and usually within a few hours of making payment. If paying via PayPal your course may have been sent to the address on your paypal account. If for any reason after checking the above you have still not received your courses then please contact us either via email or telephone. Please ensure we have a valid contact number and email address. 

I am unable to open my files - If you are opening your files on a tablet or Ipad then you may need to download the correct apps first. Most of them are free. You will need an app that will allow you to open pdf and zip files. You can request your course files to be sent unzipped. 

How do I request my exam? When you feel that you are ready and have completed all your course work simply email us to request your exam. This will then be sent direct to you via email within 24hrs. Although we do not put you under any pressure to complete your exam, once requested we do ask that you send your completed exam paper back as an attachment for marking within 7 days. 

How Long do I have to complete my Exam? - 7 days - Your exam paper and a minimum of one case study should be completed within 7 days. If you require an extension period please email us to request. You should not request your exam paper until you have completed the full course and are able to complete a minimum of one case study. 

What if I dont wish to take an exam at the end of the course? Then thats fine too, we have lots of students who just like to gain knowledge and do not necessarily want to take an examination. You will have the option at the end of your chosen course whether to take the exam or not.

How do I know if I have passed my exam? Your examination will be marked and you will be notified of your results within 7 - 10 working days.  

What if I fail my exam? We will notify you of your results and if you have not passed, you will be given the opportunity to re-submit your exam.  Please note you will be able to read through your examination and take your time, you are in no hurry to complete this and if you have read and understood your course material then we doubt very much that you will have to re-sit. Plus we offer learning reviews throughout your studies which relate to some of your exam questions, providing you work your way through these we see no reason why you should fail. You will be allowed to take your exam 3 times included in cost of the course. Should you require further attempts a charge of £20 per extra exam submission will be charged. 

When I get my exam results will you send me back my marked paper? We are happy to email you a copy of your marked exam results. Your paper will be returned alongside your qualificaiton. 

How much does my Diploma/Certificate cost? Your qualification is included in the price of the course and will be sent to you as a pdf attachment ready for you to print off immediately. You will also have the option to have a signed and posted hard copy sent to you, but please note postal charges will apply. (Request Qualification)

Can I share my course material with someone else? Although we do not encourage this practice we do realise that there may be other members of your family or close friends who also wish to study the same subject. In this case please note that there will only be one exam sent out. Should other members wish to request a separate exam  there will be an administration charge of £50 per person and no online tuition will be available to them. However they will still qualify for their accredited diploma/certificate.

Can I practice my therapy legally? Yes -  once you have passed any of our accredited courses you may then choose to practice your chosen therapy, however we strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance  if working with the public, and if taking courses that involves massage or hopi ear that you attend a workshop or similar for hands on training before working with the public. Luna studies accept no responsibility for students who may cause injury whilst working with the public after taking any of our courses. Please see insurance page for more details if intending to work as a professional therapist.

Do I have to submit any essays or case studies in order to pass my exam?  Yes. We do require you to submit at least one written case study for most of the exams and two in the case of advanced levels.  Your exam will have a selection of aprox 20 -30 questions/multiple choice and may in some cases require you to submit examples of treatments you may have carried out. We recommend that you practice your chosen therapy on family and friends first before offering your services to the public. Most courses also come with a Sample Treatment Card which you should complete when treating clients. 

I live in  Canada can I still study your courses? We have many Canadian students as we do European, American and the Far East. It really does not matter where in the world you are based, your course is recognised by three professional holistic accreditation boards two of which are international.

I live in Australia/New Zealand is my course still accredited? Yes and not only that we are also recognised accredited training providers of IICT the international Institute of complementary therapists throughout Australia and New/Zealand, USA, Canada as well as the UK.

Studying in the UK - Luna Holistics Ltd. is a registered training provider with the Government Department of Work and Pensions. You may qualify towards funding for our courses. For more information contact your local job centre. Luna Holistics is on the UK Register of Learning Providers - UKLP Ref No: 10040879

How do I pay for my course? You can pay by debit/credit card, PayPal or bank transfer or you can request that we send an invoice to your email address and you can pay direct from that. Paypal is free for anyone to set up and is one of the most trusted methods of payment on the internet. If you prefer to have your course on a USB stick this can be arranged for an additional charge of £15 per usb.  If paying by bank transfer your course will be sent to you within 24hrs of payment showing.

Why are your courses so inexpensive compared to other course providers? Our course prices are kept as low as possible to encourage more people to enrol and learn about holistic therapy as we feel this is important for all our futures.  Please do not make the assumption that because some course providers charge hundreds of pounds more that the content will be superior, we have done our research and know this is not the case. You also have the option of easy payments for most of our courses.

Can I get Holistic Insurance? As a qualified student of Luna Holistic Studies Westminster Indemnity & specialise in Holistic Insurance for distance learning students and are offering all our qualified UK practitioners a discount. For more details please visit   We also offer insurance specialising for  Massage and Yoga Students. 

Who is my course accredited by?  You have full assurance that your course is fully accredited by both the International Practitioners of holistic medicine and also the American Association of Drugless practitioners and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, graduates of which will be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the AADP, IPHM and IICT.

How do I access the tutor support? Should you have any queries regarding your course work whilst you are studying simply email us your questions and your query will be passed on to the relevant person. You will receive a response via email within 24hrs.

What is the Student Library? Our student library has been set up especially for you. Here you will find helpful training videos relevant to your chosen course. You will also find further reading and products plus tips on setting up your own holistic business and website that you may find helpful. Details of the library will be sent with your course material.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer? Yes. Simply email to request and we will send you our details. 

I am having a problem with the Check out - Please contact us. You may prefer to pay via bank transfer or request an invoice. 


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