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Free Guide to Life Coaching Ebook


With this Free Life Coaching EBook you will learn about life coaching and gain the necessary knowledge to determine if this is your calling so as to further continue your education. With great information about communication skills and balancing your life this is the first step to a happier and emotionally healthier life.

The guide will take you through different important aspects of Life Coaching including:

  • Have a Challenging Career And Lead a Balanced Life!   
  • Improve your communication skills, gain confidence, learn to tackle difficult circumstances suavely and earn the respect you deserve
  • Boost Your Self Confidence

Life Coaching is about coming to terms with yourself and learning how to be more confident through better communication skills, understanding yourself better, asserting what you want and grasping it, and earning the respect you deserve. It’s a great way to learn how to improve your self-confidence and in general, lead a happier and more successful life.

Luna Holistic Home Studies has two great courses available which will allow you to continue your education in Life Coaching so as to better improve your own life or take it a step further and help others as well.

 If you would like to train as a professional life coach or counsellor then you may also be interested in taking one of our accredited training courses. It is recommended you take the Online NLP Practitioner Course for a more in depth introduction to Life Coaching. From there if you wish to continue your studies you can take the Online Life Coaching Course which will provide you with the certification to put your knowledge and skills into practice and help others succeed in life.



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