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Free How to Read Auras


"Free How to Read Auras Guide"

Take the first step towards understanding Auras as well as how to see and read them. If you are knowledgeable about holistic therapies or are currently practicing holistic therapies reading Auras is a great added benefit which will help in many ways.

In the How to Read Auras you will learn:

  • Understanding Auras
  • Aura is an energy field emanating from the surface of an object or individual
  • There is an aura around everyone and everything
  • Field of energy surrounding any physical body forms the aura
    • Visualized as outline of cascading colour
  • Everything: thoughts, feelings, experiences – affect the vibration of the energy field and the aura
  • An aura surrounding humans has been recognized back through the millennia
  • Gods, saints, and important human beings are depicted with halos around the head by Christians, as well as ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhists, Greeks, and Romans
  • There are seven layers of the Aura
  • Outer layers of the aura are concerned with the soul and spirit
  • Inner layers of the aura are concerned with the mind, emotions, and health
  • Aura is oval in shape made up of fibrous light which surrounds the whole physical body
  • Some describe it as a heat haze radiating around the physical body which shimmers with energy and light
  • Aura has every colour imaginable as well as those which are beyond our visible spectrum
    • Connects us to vibrations around us
  • Colour vibrations emitted from the physical and etheric bodies extend about 3-4 inches around the body

By learning to read the colour of your Aura you will learn to see and describe your personality as well as what your future holds.

If you are interested in learning more about Auras and Chakras and how you can use them to heal yourself and others Luna Holistic Home Studies offers a the Accredited Certificate Course in Aura & Chakra Healing.


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