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Save Money with the Luna Holistic Package Offers 

If you are considering more than one of the Luna Holistic online holistic courses we highly recommend you consider one of our package offers with savings of over 50%

In order to make our courses more affordable for students we have three packages available which allow you to take multiple courses at a much lower package price than selecting and purchasing the courses individually. We offer numerous great distance learning courses and understand that in many cases our students will be interested in more than one course and have developed three great package options in order to make it more affordable so you don’t miss a thing.

Our goal is not to just offer courses and make money from them but rather help you succeed. Our courses are some of the lowest priced you will find online, however, this does not in any way reflect their quality and the things you will learn. Currently we have three packages available. The Bronze Package is for those looking to take 3 courses, the Silver Package allows you to select any 5 courses, and the Gold Package allows you to select any 7 courses.

You will be awarded a certificate or diploma of every course you successfully complete and will receive a PDF attachment diploma or certificate which you can print out and display. There is an option also to receive a stamped and signed certificate which can be arranged with us upon completion of your course. The package courses offer a great discount for any selection of courses depending on which package you select and are developed specifically for those that are looking to make a career out of holistic healing through our online holistic courses. Once you have made your purchase you will be contacted for further information as to which courses you would like in your package. Luna Holistic strives to make sure that each and every student has an opportunity to take our courses and with our Luna Holistic Package Offers this is now possible. 


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