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Luna Holistic Academy offers a great variety of options for those looking to take a step further with our impressive Online Spiritual Holistic Courses. Each course is developed to help you open your mind spiritually and learn in detail every point so as to be able to apply it in your practice. Whether you are looking to provide additional spiritual holistic services to your clients or would like to grow on a personal level and open your mind to new forms of healing and enlightenment our holistic distance courses are the way to go.

Developed by professionals each course offers easy to follow instructions, details, and information that will guide you through your certification or diploma in a given course. Currently available we have the Angel Healing Complete Foundation Course along with the Advanced Angel Therapy Online Course, our impressive and highly sought after Chakra & Aura Certificate Course, and the popular Color Therapy Complete Diploma Course as well. You will also find the online Energy Healing course, the Professional Palmistry Course, our popular Psychic and Spiritual Development Certification Course, and Tarot Reading Diploma Course. Luna Holistic also offers two Reiki courses, the Reiki 1 and the Reiki 2 by Dr. Usui which are highly sought after by holistic healers as it has quickly grown in popularity.

Each of our courses is available not only for holistic professional practitioners but also anyone that is interested in growing spiritually. The courses are developed especially for those looking to put into practice what they have learned through them and become certified or receive a diploma. Luna Holistic is always looking for a way not only to help you grow in your profession and spiritually we also strive to make our online courses as affordable as possible. Currently we have three packages available where you can purchase 3, 5, and 7 courses for a great low price. This way professional and spiritual growth won’t break the bank.

Developed to help you grow spiritually and professionally the Luna Holistic online spiritual courses are developed in such a way that you not only get a certificate or diploma, you really understand and own what you learn. Thus, allowing you to put it into practice immediately after you complete the course. 

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