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Crystal Healing
Very informative and thorough. 
Excellently written and really well layed out. 
Covers all aspects of crystal healing. 
Full of interest and knowledge. 
Ideal for the wannabee crystal Therapist! 
Many thanks xx
I really enjoyed NLP and have learned a lot about me and this course has added much needed information to change my life which I can now help change others. Very helpful course and easy to understand and it was well written. Thank you
Tammy Babineau –  Canada

Chakra & Aura

Thank you for a really enjoyable course and brilliant support when needed. Exactly what I was looking for!

Ann Morgan – Wiltshire – UK

Yoga Freedom

Such a wonderful and rounded experience from my Yoga Freedom course. I never felt like I was pressured to pursue a certain idea, but rather take the knowledge presented to me and mold it to my own style. Thank you, Luna Holistics, for this opportunity! This course also was helpful to improve my connection with my yoga students. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a well-rounded distance learning experience! Diana Rimko – Peterborough - UK

Crystal Magic Testimonial
The courses I have taken were just amazing and have all been put into practice. I am starting a small business and am getting a great response so far. Don’t hesitate if you are interested, you won’t be disappointed. The advanced course is definitely worth it!!
Patricia Lee Mills - Canada


Reflexology is my second course I’ve taken with Luna but it was my career choice. I had researched schools for years before finding one that fit my schedule, goals and budget. Its cliché’ but I can’t say enough about how warm and exciting this school is. Luna proves you can learn and achieve without big hallways and an even bigger price tag!

Tammy Mendenhall - USA


Colour Therapy

Another amazing, really enjoyable course from Luna Holistics.  I loved this course.  It covers everything you need to know, and goes into great detail without becoming too technical or boring.  This course is perfect for anyone looking to learn about Colour Therapy or as an enhancement to Reiki, Aura & Chakra Therapy, Reflexology, etc.  Highly, highly, recommended.

Tracey Irene Hughes - UK


Indian Head Massage

Having done this course has made me realise just what some are going through in their lives and just how Indian Head massages can help elevate such stress and giving hope to clients that therapy can help immensely.

Jacqueline-Anne Townsend – Kent – UK


Advanced Angel Therapy

Excellent service and quick response by Luna holistic. Recommended to all.

Vishrut Dilipbhai Pradhan – India 


Holistic Counselling

I have really enjoyed doing the holistic counselling course and can’t wait to get started on the NLP and life coaching courses. Once completed I feel they will make a much more rounded therapies than I am already

Andrea Lancaster – Sunderland – Tyne & Wear - UK


Indian Head Massage

I love this school; the classes are easy to open, easy to read and thorough. I am enrolled in threecourses right now and will be taking more. Can’t wait to get working in my field!Tammy Mendenhall - USA


Crystal Healing

I thought this class was informative and interesting and I learned a few things about crystal healing.

Krista Prinkey – USA



This course was really accessible as I could study in my own time. The material on the course really taught me all I needed to know about reflexology to feel confident in my practice. Thank you


Claire Lamb – Manchester


Crystal Healing

I have loved crystals since I can remember so doing a crystal therapy course was great for me.  The course was easy to follow and explained each step.  I have signed up for the next one so I am looking forward to starting that.

Karen Archer – Gloucestershire UK


Energy Healing

This was an interesting course. It would be a very good course for beginners to welcome them to the world of energy healing.

Misty Laroque - USA


Indian Head Message

I found the course material easy to follow and enjoyed learning about Indian Head Massage. I hope to do more courses with Luna Holistics as everything was clear and easy to understand and the exam was simple to follow.

Tilly Neil – United Kingdom


Holistic Counselling

Again another fantastic course with informative course material . highly recommend

Amanda Meigh – Stoke on Trent - UK


Psychic & Spiritual Course

Found Luna by accident but so glad, as been an amazing journey throughout the three course I have already completed

Scott Williams – Northumberland - UK


Natalie Jayne Reading

A good course to study with lots of information and ideas to help digest information into useable tools

Southampton – UK


Angel Healing

I am so grateful for this course. It feels so fulfilling to have the tools to help others and myself!

Aileen Valdes – Florida – USA


Chakra & Aura

I can’t thank you enough for giving me this amazing opportunity to study this course, not only was communication fantastic and a response was always pretty immediate, i hope i pass the exam, i am already practicing daily on family and friends.

Jacqueline May Webster - UK


Colour & Energy Healing
I found the colour course brilliant being both informative and extremely interesting. I have enjoyed both the courses that have done with Luna and am looking forward to doing this next one on colour healing.
Many thanks - Pat Ward UK
Holistic Counselling
Thank you for the opportunity to expand my knowledgeK Daugherty - USA
Psychic & Spiritual Development
I have found that through the psychic and spiritual development course my own Spiritual awareness has increased to no end. The course material is fascinating and have given me an amazing start in what I hope will be a bright career.
Emma Neill
Psychic & Spiritual Development
I recently downloaded your course Psychic & Spiritual development, however I have been working as a professional medium for ten years now, the reason I have studied your course is that like many things now you need to prove to people that you have acquired the relevant knowledge, your training course has allowed me to do two things 1. to obtain the proof that I have studied and 2. allowed me to learn again as there were things in your course that I was unaware of, things I was never taught in my development classes, your course has been a breath of fresh air to me and I thank you for that.
Scott Williams - UK
This course has helped me understand the concepts, and process of NLP and how we can implement it not only to our clients, but also our own lives for positive change.
Angelica Ritchie – Glenrothes - UK
Colour Therapy
Helpful & professional instructors and courses
Sandra Silberzweig – Canada
Colour Therapy
I have really enjoyed the colour therapy course and feel I have only touched the tip of the ice berg. There is so much to learn on this subject and feel this will come in time and experience, thank you Luna for opening my mind.
Emily Rea – Beverley UK
Having completed the Tarot course, I feel fully equipped to offer a range of spreads to suit my client's need. The course material is concise and really have given me a better understanding of the Tarot and will hopefully lead me to becoming a professional reader.
Emma Neill – Banbridge, Northern Ireland
Basic Aromatherapy
The course content was relevant and concise without being too much information to take in. The quality of service and the learning and assessment methods made it easy for me to fit my studies around my work and family commitments. The course focused more on the application of knowledge through the case study, which for me emphasised the course provider’s commitment to quality of service and professionalism in the field. I enjoyed the course so much. 
Carla Magdalene Palmer – Nottingham – UK
Hot Stone Massage
I enjoyed learning from Luna Holistic. The material is well presented and clearly written. Due to family commitments I am unable to go to college and this give me an ideal opportunity for me to gain new skills.
Eileen Sharples – Leigh – UK
Angel Healing Certificate Course
I found the course very interesting and enthralling. Very good. Patricia Ward – Chichester - UK
Crystal Magic Diploma Course
This course was really exciting and my friend and I have all really benefited from the many healing techniques outlined in it. The mantras are lovely and aid my mediation.
Clare Griffiths

Basic Aromatherapy I have really enjoyed learning the basic aromatherapy course material. It is well written and easy to understand making learning an enjoyment and not a task. I would highly recommend this to family and friends.  Well done for making such a pleasant course ? Amanda Meigh – Stoke on Trent

Advanced Angel Therapy
Very worthwhile course for own development and also very good if you wanted to practice as a therapist either on its own or to use with say colour therapy or crystal therapy.
Sandra Wallis – Herts - UK
Life Coaching
The courses were easy to understand and I got help along the way when I had a question, it was answered in a short time! Good luck, this is an excellent investment in your future.
Alisa E. V. Schell - Indiana USA
Angel Healing
I took several courses with Luna home studies and have enjoyed all of them! They are easy to understand, the information is broke down into good segments and it is very informative. Thank you for assisting me on my journey!  
Alisa E. V. Schell - Indiana USA
I found this course to be informative and interesting.  I look forward to being a professional therapist.  The course provides an in-depth education to this therapy and I feel confident and competent in the skills I have learnt.
Natalie E Parr – Merseyside UK
TAROT - I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It broke a complex subject down into manageable chunks and made learning the cards easier. I had already been reading the cards so found it just added more depth to my readings and gave me some new insights into the cards. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in the Tarot. DEBROAH BARR – IRELAND
Indian Head  Massage
This was one of the clearest Study Courses I have had the pleasure to undertake, with all information provided clear and concise.  Fast response by email to any enquiries I had, as well as useful links to the Student Library, and a well planned and extremely enjoyable subject to learn.  I definitely look forward to further studies with Luna Holistics.  Thank You. 
Tanya Marie – Bognor Regis - UK
Feng Shui
I found this course well-structured and easy to follow.  The content is challenging, as one would expect for a diploma course.  There is a great deal of useful supporting material in the students’ library.  Responses to emails are extremely speedy.  I recommend Luna Holistics courses to anyone who wishes to study for professional reasons or simply out of interest.
David George Cornish – Lincoln - UK
Tarot Course 
The Tarot course was amazing, I learned things I never knew and I would recommend it to friend and family -  Luna is the best - Christine Howells UK
Crystal Therapy
I would highly recommend Luna Holistics for courses, the course material is sent over to you promptly and the course material is brilliant, so informative and everything you need for your exam is in the material. I will definitely be applying for further courses.
Emma Brabin – Wirral UK
Reiki 1
A very enjoyable and informative course; I enjoyed the whole information and will be looking forward to doing the second part of this course.
Natalie Parr – Southport UK
Colour Therapy is my fourth course with Luna Holistics. I found the lessons very enjoyable and interesting. I look forward to putting my learning into practice in a professional setting.  
Melany Rose Collings – Australia
Psychic Development
Excellent. Well-written course, with illustrations and diagrams etc. Plenty exercises to practice and recommendations to assist in developing your skills. Supporting material included in the form of ebooks was extremely helpful.
Shiona McLeod – Edinburgh UK
Energy healing
I have really enjoyed my learning with Luna so far, just completed my 3rd course and planning to sign up for more. Concise, well explained lessons and visual aids, with plenty of supplementary reading material to support your learning.
Shiona McLeod – Edinburgh UK
Angel Healing
I have enjoyed this course tremendously. Combining angels, crystals, oils and angel cards was perfect for me,  just as being able to do the work as and when I chose really helped . Easy to follow yet thorough I have already recommended it to everyone who's interested. Thank you very much.
Joanna Dawn Walker – Jersey
Angel Therapy
I really enjoyed Angel Therapy Course and I have learnt so much more about angels and crystals by doing the course and recommend it to friends and family and look forward to doing more courses.
Christine Howells – Pembrokeshire UK
Holistic Course package - Amazing value and would highly recommend.
Feng Shui
Loved this course. I have taken a number of courses with you and all have been excellent however for me this excelled even the others. I learned so much and have already been putting a lot into practice and noticing some amazing results. - A Dillon - USA
Free Courses
I tried a few of your free sample courses in auras and chakras and enjoyed them, however having taken the colour therapy course which went into far more details on this subject, would just like to let your students know that you really do cover this subject in far more detail on the diploma courses.
Basic Aromatherapy
Enjoyed this course as usual with Luna. The material is easy to understand and leaves you with a learning experience for your personal or professional uses. I have been pleased with all the information that I have acquired and having taken previous courses have been using this knowledge in my own business.  Thank you Luna for your experience..Cant wait to move forward to my next journey with you
Carol Petrucci - USA 
Advanced Aromatherapy
This is my 8th course I have taken with Luna Holistcs .So happy that I finally found a courses that suited my needs and lifestyle! I found all of Luna’s courses work was well presented , the course material was well instructed ,concise and there was a high degree of information’s very good learning experience. Now I can combine learned techniques and adapt them to the individuals. Well done for making such a pleasant course. Cant wait to move forward to my next journey with you, Thank you!
Stela Kneževi? - Serbia
Crystal Therapy
I really enjoyed this course, it enabled me to take my time and explore crystals and treatments within my own time and under no pressure.  I will hopefully carry out some more courses with Luna in the near future.
Leonie Chandler – Milton Keynes - UK
Advanced Angel Therapy
As I enjoyed doing my first course with you, I decide to do the advanced angel course as I feel there is always help if you need it or if you don’t understand anything. The response to my emails is extremely prompt and Trish is very good at sorting out any queries and as we all live busy lifestyles these days sometimes exam dates cannot be met but you can easily ask for an extension of which I had to do this time.  I will not hesitate to use luna holistics in the future.
Thank you for your help x
Sue Paris – Staffordshire – UK
Feng Shui
I have enjoyed this course very much, my own home is looking and feeling much better as is my daughter’s whom I did this case study for.  
Her own daughter is now back happily sleeping in her own room, allowing mum great relief, better sleeps and her own space and also enjoying her own better sleeps and ‘own space’.
My husband (who works for our son) was having difficulty with many things regarding owed monies, people who seemed to not care about it or willing to help him in any way.
In two days last week, after tweaking the ‘Helpful people/Mentors’ corner, 2 people came forward and offered to help him out (a day apart) and someone we thought would definitely not do the right thing in a business decision/agreement, came through at the last minute and did do the right thing. Teresa Seed – Western Australia
I have been studying the tarot with Luna home studies, and found the course to be so interesting and informative. I am now using my new found skills as a professional tarot reader, and my course paid for itself after just a few readings. I have now just ordered the palmistry course. Thanks a million. June Whitfield (tarot reader) Berkshire.
I found the Crystal therapy course to be so clear and concise. I was able to follow all the instructions and have developed a new and fantastic skill. I am now looking to work as a trained therapist and have offered my therapies at salons in my home town.  
John Hampton – Dewsbury
At last I have found a perfect Online learning course. I am really enjoying the course work and find the information easy to follow and great value for money.
Alexandra Ezilando – Spain
I found Luna Online Home Studies Introduction to Aromatherapy course so easy to follow, and the way it was presented was so interesting, informative and covered all of the subjects that I would have expected - I can't wait now to carry on my studies by taking the advanced course.  In the days of recession it is always useful to find something that I can practice and charge for in the comfort of my home and eventually to run as a small business.  Thank you
Nicki Watts (Nottingham). 
Thank you Luna Online Home Studies for such an enjoyable course, I never knew there was so much to learn about the Angels and their therapy - I can't wait to try it out on my friends and family - and eventually I plan to start a small business and carry out the therapy some more. 
Beverely Stott (Wales)
I have always been interested in the benefits of colour and crystal therapy, and I myself have paid for the treatment and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Both of the courses provided by Luna Online Home Studies were extremely interesting and informative so now I can use my diploma to carry on treating others.  
Sally Berry (Devizes)
Thanks Luna Online Home Studies for providing both courses on Reiki - absolutely brilliant. I believe so much in holistic therapy and it has been great to be able to study them in the comfort of my own home. 
Jan Thompson (Sheffield)

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