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Thank you for your order and welcome to Luna Holsitics. Your first course will be sent to you within 24hrs

We are pleased to welcome you as one of our valued students 


You have chosen to pay for your courses on the Easy Payment Plan. You may have had the option to let us know which courses you require in the paypal comments box however do not worry if you have not already done so. Simply email us at to let us know the courses you require and in which order.  


Once we have received your request your first course will be sent to you within 24hrs. Please note this will be sent to you as a pdf zip file attachment and not a download link. You will also be sent an introduction email with some important information, so we ask that you read this carefully.
Future Payments: -  Your payments from now on will be taken automatically on the same date each month. Payments will be deducted from the account you have used to make payment with and your first course and will be sent to the email that was on your order. If for any reason this is different then please let us know the correct email address to send your first course. 
Important: You have agreed to our terms and conditons when purchasing your career package on the installment plan. This means that should you default on any future payments then the whole balance may become due. Please ensure funds are availble when your next installment is due.
Some of our courses carry pre requisites (PR). Some of our advanced courses do require that you have already studied the basics first so please be aware of this when selecting your course. For example do not request advanced aromatherapy if you have no basic qualification in this subject - these courses will be shown with the letter PR. You may be asked for proof that you already hold a qualification in that subject. Other courses carry 
  • Angel Healing  Foundation –  Certificate
  • Advanced Angel Therapy – Diploma
  • Aromatherapy Basic Level – Certificate
  • Advanced Aromatherapy – Diploma (Pr)
  • Animal Holistic Healing – Diploma (recommended students have experience in reiki or energy healing)
  • Bach Flower Remedies – Certificate
  • Crystal Healing – Diploma
  • Advanced Crystal Therapy/Magic – Diploma
  • Chakra & Aura Healing – Certificate
  • Colour Therapy (chromotherapy)  – Diploma
  • Energy Healing – Certificate
  • First Aid – Certificate
  • Feng Shui – Diploma
  • Hopi Ear Canding – Diploma
  • Hot Stone Massage – Diploma
  • Health & Nutrition Practitioner – Diploma
  • Indian Head Massage – Diploma
  • Palmistry – Diploma
  • Psychic & Spiritual Development – Certificate
  • Reiki Level 1 (Dr Usui) – Certificate (Pr)
  • Reiki Level 2 (Dr Usui) – Diploma
  • Reflexology – Diploma
  • Yoga Teacher Training – Diploma (Pr) – students should have good basic knowledge of yoga
  • Swedish Massage – Diploma
  • Tarot Professional – Diploma

We hope you enjoy your studies and will be in touch very soon. 


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