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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teaching Training Diploma Course

Learn to teach yoga

This Yoga teaching course will offer you the student an approach to yoga which will allow you to develop and use your own inner guidance.  This diploma in teaching yoga is intended for existing yoga practitioners. This course aims to develop your skills so that you can teach this subject effectively. 
We learn in this course that people live with different abilities and have differing ranges of movement and bodies. Those wishing to teach may be more interested in the physical side of yoga – the pranayama, asana, meditation… Others may be keen to immerse themselves in the philosophy and join in singing Bhakti yoga, a yoga of devotion, for example. There are so many styles of yoga that you can blossom in many directions. 
You may have all completed some sort of yoga training. It is likely if you have an interest in Yoga that you already have a good understanding of anatomy, philosophy and ethics. 
This course in Yoga Freedom will encourage you to offer a positive way to teach so that you can also use your own personality and creativity to develop an interesting and positive yoga class for your students. You can also purchase this as part of our Package Offer
Testimonial:Yoga Freedom

Such a wonderful and rounded experience from my Yoga Freedom course. I never felt like I was pressured to pursue a certain idea, but rather take the knowledge presented to me and mold it to my own style. Thank you, Luna Holistics, for this opportunity! This course also was helpful to improve my connection with my yoga students. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a well-rounded distance learning experience!

Diana Rimko – Peterborough - UK


Working hours and conditions if teaching yoga

Many yoga teachers tend to work on a  part-time basis or as a weekend hobby. 

As a yoga teacher, you can set your own working hours and arrange classes to suit yourslef and your clients.  Many teachers work at a number of places or venues, such as sports centres, communinty centres etc.


As most teachers of yoga work on a self-employed basis your income will vary considerably depending on the number of sessions you would like to offer and for the size of class you would like to develop. 

Yoga Teachers often charge per session or hourly rate. The charges vary between £10 and £15 for group sessions and for private sessions approx charges vary anywhere between £35 and £60.

These figures are intended as a guideline only.

This course can also be purchased as part of  any of our special value PACKAGE OFFERS 





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