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How to keep your Dog Content

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Our dogs always tend to get gleeful whenever they see us and vice versa. After all, the relationship between an owner and his dog is always special and full of love.


Surprising your doggies with gifts and treats could mean so much to them. The best part though, there are tons of other ways too through which you can please your dogs.


Here are some pretty interesting suggestions and a few unique ones too.

Arrange for a Small Pool

You will be surprised at how happy your dog will be to swim in a new pool. No need to go for large ones, a small one appropriate for the pooch’s size will be enough.


In the heat of summer, a personal pool filled with dog-friendly toys will be heaven-like for your pooch.

Allow Him to Finish off Him Toys

Dogs were not always domestic animals. To keep their instincts as animals fresh, they need to destroy toys every now and then.


So, don’t be upset when you see him bite and tear his favorite pillow. She is just trying to stay sharp. Besides, this can be a sign that you need to buy him a new toy.

Take Care of Him Teeth

Not all doggies will welcome this. A few will definitely throw some serious tantrums whenever you try to approach to brush their teeth.


Dogs will have a good oral hygiene in the long run if you brush their teeth. So, try your best to do this regularly.

Have Him Go for a Treasure Hunt

Often, we find ourselves outside the home and away from our dogs for long hours. You can make good use of this absence.


Just hide his favorite treats in different spots in your home. Do this once a week. Vary the hiding spots every week. It will be such an adventure for your doggie. It will keep him active and busy in your absence.

A New Collar- He Will Simply Love It

Most pet dogs spend a great deal of their life wearing collars. Collars do keep dogs safe. But then again, would you like to wear the same piece of t-shirt or shoe for the rest of your life?


Your dog will adore a new collar. Get him a whole collection of collars of different types. He’ll simply love wearing a different collar every week.

Give Him Some Duties

Pooches mature quickly. They don’t always remain little fluffy puppies. Adult dogs love to stay active and do something. One of the best ways to keep them engaged is to assign them a task.


Maybe the next time you are going out for a drive, let him fetch the car keys for you.

Hide n’ Seek- A Great Fun Activity for Both of You

Dogs can trace a whiff from a long distance. You can test this ability of your canine friend through this game.


This will certainly be a very enjoyable activity for him. It will definitely keep both of you engaged for quite some time. Just make sure to train him for this game. After all, he must how to seek while you try to hide!

Take Him to a Spa

Take your pup to a spa once in a while. But be aware that these places can be expensive.


It’s best to arrange for a spa at home. There are tons of resources on the internet on how to make one. He will love this unique experience.

Praise Your Dog

We all love the admiration we deserve for our good actions. Your dog is no different. Your pup will get a great deal of mental boost if you compliment him for good behavior. Doing this will encourage him to repeat this behavior.

Popsicles are great in Summer

During summertime, your doggie will greatly appreciate the taste of a cool Popsicle. And it’s not just summer. Giving regular snacks as treats will keep him happy and active.

Keep the Windows Open When You’re Gone

When you are out for hours and your pup is all alone, it is a nice idea to keep the windows open.


Dogs love to whiff and see things outside. Keeping the windows open will stimulate their mind. Just make sure you have arrangements for your pup’s safety. They can always jump outside seeing the window open.

YouTube Can Be a Lot of Fun

Dogs love YouTube videos. There are tons of YouTube videos showing just that! Dogs love to see other dogs and animals on YouTube. This is another fantastic way to stimulate their minds.

Doing Yoga with Your Canine Friend

Yoga can be a great stress reliever. Doing yoga with your canine pal can be an even more rewarding experience. You will just love the experience. And it will keep the stress level down and excitement level up for both of you.

Sing and Dance for Him

Your pup will love it when you sing and dance to them. Turn on your favorite tune and do it! This will be a great, energetic bonding session for both of you.

Groom Your Pooch

Grooming is essential for maintaining your dog’s hygiene. You can take him to a professional groomer. Or if you are confident enough, why not learn to do it yourself? If you do learn the basics, just get a set of grooming clippers and a brush and you’ll be good to go.

Last but Not the Least

Dogs need regular stimulation and lots of love to live a healthy life. Try your best to keep him content. Doing the best for him might seem daunting to you. But at the end of the day, the bond between you and your pup will strengthen beautifully.


Author Bio:

Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. He’s as doting a parent to his two dogs as he is to his own two children and an avid photography enthusiast. To read more of his articles, visit Feedfond.com.

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