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Published on 1 February, 2023 | Case Studies

Two example case studies for colour therapy treatments:


Colour Therapy is used worldwide as a complementary treatment. It is recommended for the colour therapist to try the colour treatments on themselves before they treat their client as then they have a better understanding of  what the client is experiencing. The most important thing for the therapist is to tune in to her intuition in order to work with the subtle energy of colour.

A course of colour therapy treatment begins with a diagnosis to find the real root of the problem. This is usually psychosomatic in origin and shows itself in the form of  a physical illness.

As a therapist we counsel the client using coloured oils, coloured card, art therapy and chromotherapy which is light therapy.

Once the therapist is sure of the root problem treatment can begin. This may include a combination of chromotherapy, colour accupressure, colour reflexology, colour affirmations and colour meditations.

In preparing to do the treatment the room needs to be light and airy and in a quiet setting. It also needs to be decorated in peaceful colours. White can be cold and does not help the client to relax., soft pastel colours are best. It is important to have access to power points for light equipment and a tape recorder. It is  important to be able to darken the room with a black out blind or thick drapes. It is also important to remember that other people leave energy vibrations behind them which soak into the walls and furniture and which in turn will affect the therapist and the next client. The room needs to be cleansed by burning aromatherapy oils and playing soothing music. This removes negative energy from a room and should be done at the end of each treatment.

It is important too to remember to record all the coloured oils, crystals and any other materials used as it may be helpful for future treatments.

First Client


My client came for treatment to help with her rheumatism and swollen ankles.

The colours that I used for the treatment were green,  violet and blue.. I used green as this colour is good for the circulation. I used violet  because this colour has rejuvinating ,purifying and protecting properties.

The red rays in violet are stimulating to the circulation. I used blue as it is a healing colour.

I used Colour Irradiation. This works on the entire body with coloured lights. A normal table lamp or desk light works very well. By using different coloured light bulbs it is possible to create a soothing atmosphere.This is colour irradiation and has been very successful in America. It is recommended that clients have this treatment 3 times a week for 15 – 20 minutes sessions It is advisable for this treatment to. Go on for a several weeks until obvious progress is made. I did convey this to my client who is happy to continue with the treatment. During this period  no occupation should be undertaken. Again I did  relay this to my client and understand that she will not work during the periods of  treatment.

During the colour irradiation treatment the client should wear white or neutral clothing for the best effect. My client wore white.

In addition I also used Colour Reflexology. In this treatment a coloured reflexology torch was used. The beams of light  shone through a small crystal onto the reflex areas of  the foot. I then used coloured massage oil which is excellent for colour reflexology. I used a little oil in my chosen colour of  violet and dabbed it onto the corresponding chakra.

In addition I gave my client a glass of blue solarised water to sip and also dabbed a small amount onto her swollen ankles. Blue soothes and is in fact a great healer.

When the treatment was over I offered my client a glass of cold water to help get rid of the toxins and to assist with the cleansing process.

Having completed the treatment I asked my client for feed back and wrote down her comments. I also kept a record of all the coloured oils, crystals and any other materials that I used as this can be useful for future use. I then cleansed the room ready for the next client.

Treatment Card

Health Questionaire for client

1) Have you had any health problems in the past or present? If so please specify

.A) No my client has no health problems

2) Within the last 9 months have you undergone surgery? If so please specify

  1. A) No my client has not undergone surgery in the last 9 months

3) Is the client pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

  1. A) No my client is not pregnant nor is she trying to become pregnant

4) Does the client suffer from epilepsy?

  1. A) No

5) Does the client have any metal implants such as a pacemaker or body piercings?

  1. A) No my client has neither

6) Rate the level of stress 1 – 4 (1 being low and 4 high

  1. A) My client was quite anxious I rated her a 3

7) Does the client have any skin problems?

  1. A) No

8) What does the client want to achieve from the treatment?

  1. A) The client wants to sleep better

9)  Do you as the therapist have any allergies or is there any essential oils that may cause you problems?

  1. A) No

10) As the therapist is there any essential oil that you dislike the smell of?

  1. A) No


Second Client 


The colours that I used for this treatment were green and violet.

I chose green because green harmonises and balances the whole being and regulates the blood circulation and the heart. The reason that I chose violet was because the pure amethysth of the violet ray heals every nerve fibre in the body.

To treat my client I used Colour Breathing and Visualisation. I also used Colour Affirmation and diet.

Colour Breathing uses the power of  thought vibrations reinforced by the effects of colour vibrations to act with positive effect on our etheric body. This helps to correct imbalances and re energies areas of energy where it may be low Colour affirmations also help to gain the most from positive thinking.

In this process thought waves are sent out from us in a geometric pattern. We cleanse negative thoughts and feelings by breathing in the light and breathing out all that is negative, harmful and impure. I got my client to do a breathing exercise which involved breathing in pure white light and breathing out the dirty grey impurities from the body. As she did this her out breath became lighter and lighter until she was breathing in and out the white light into the space around her. I then got her to imagine herself surrounded by an envelope of white light which stayed with her in a protective form. I got her to visualise violet coloured rays pouring into her reaching from her fingertips up her arms and round the body. Each colour has its own wavelength. It is through the etheric body that you can influence your own physical body. In order to influence the body to change its behaviour it is necessary to be positive and visualise what we want. We need to programme the mind about what we want to achieve. In my client’s case that was to be able to sleep well at night. I then got my client to do colour affirmations. These are short positive sentences that are repeated regularly. They can be used to help us gain the most from positive thinking as it helps remove old patterns of thinking and replaces them with positive thoughts. In my client’s case it  was to help with her insomnia.

We can use colour to move stagnant energy and change our engrained thoughts into ones that promote well being.

A good time to practice colour affirmation is either on waking up in the morning or just before going to sleep at night. As my client is an insomniac I suggested that she practice the colour affirmations just before going to sleep in order to assist her to sleep well.

Finally I took a look at my client’s life style and diet. I suggested that my client eat or drink a light meal from the green/blue ray foods such as horlicks or  cocoa which would help to promote sleep rather than tea or coffee which come from the red ray foods. Tea and coffee are stimulants and can cause problems with sleep.

When the treatment was over I offered my client a glass of cold water to help get rid of the toxins.

I asked my client for feed back and wrote down her comments. I also made a note of all the crystals, oils and any other material that I  have used as it may be useful for future reference.



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