Published on 16 April, 2021 | Accreditation | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy

Ylang-Ylang is a sedative of the nervous system and is therefore of use to people who breathe over rapidly and have rapid heartbeat (tachycardia). These conditions may be found if a person is shocked, angry,

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Peppermint and what to do with it

Published on 2 March, 2021 | Aromatherapy | Herbs and Remedies

What can you do with Peppermint? The lovely fragrance and minty fresh taste has kept this herb as a firm favorite. However did you realise just what you can do with peppermint. If you thought it was just for tea or toothpaste then think again.

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Working as an Aromatherapist

Published on 13 January, 2019 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy

With our fully accredtied aromatherapy courses you could be working as a fully qualified practitioner. Our course will not only teach you how to do aromatherapy but how to set up business and how to get work.

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Aromatherapy – How it works

Published on 26 August, 2018 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy | Free courses

The intentions of the oils are to heal the body and mind by relaxing the soul of stress. Few types of oils are intended to produce a romantic mood. However, according to reports the best alternative for using aromatherapy comes from massaging the oils into the flesh.

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A Guide To Aromatherapy

Published on 6 August, 2018 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Your guide to aromatherapy   Aromatherapy has been used down through the century as a remedy that soothes the body and mind. The remedies are said to relieve symptoms coming from a variety of diseases. In addition, the remedies are claimed to relieve stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and related symptoms.  Many people have used […]

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Get a Great Nights Sleep

Published on 7 June, 2016 | Aromatherapy | Holistic Therapy

Treat Yourself To A Great Night Of Sleep With The Help Of Aromatherapy If you are craving more sleep or aren’t happy with how rested you feel when you wake up, you’re hardly alone. Many people have trouble disconnecting from the stress of modern life when it’s time to relax and go to bed. Aromatherapy […]

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Aromatherapy for back pain and acne

Published on 28 September, 2015 | Aromatherapy | Case Studies

Aromatherapy – Case Study for client with back pain and chronic acne   Before starting the treatment Client was asked to complete a treatment card and informed that her treatment was not to be considered a replacement for conventional medical treatment for illness or a healthy lifestyle. I advised her to seek medical attention regarding her […]

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Aromatherapy Prescriptions

Published on 25 July, 2013 | Aromatherapy | Holistic Therapy

Essential Oil Mixes We all know that essential oils are beneficial for a number of ailments, but to actually have a trusted and tried  recipe for a certain ailment is a great way to make your own aromatherapy prescription. Below are a few ideas that you may find helpful for some typical summer ailments. It […]

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Jasmine essential oils – aromatherapy

Published on 10 July, 2013 | Aromatherapy

The Rose is known as the ‘Queen of oils’ but the Jasmine is considered to be the ‘King of Oils’. It is very costly to make and is therefore, like rose, one of the more expensive essential oils.

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Hot Stone Massage

Published on 29 April, 2013 | Aromatherapy | Holistic Therapy

  Hot Stone Massage     Hot Stone Massage by Jane Wyvern Do you know what hot stone massage is? Ever tried taking advantage of this therapeutic marvel? If you haven’t, then read on about what this kind of massage is and what benefits it can provide for you.

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Contraindications in Aromatherapy

Published on 15 April, 2013 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy


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Benefits of Massage without a spa or club

Published on 12 March, 2013 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy

Benefits Of Massage Without A Spa Or Club By Jodi Garrett It is easy to get the benefits of massage without a spa or club. Getting a massage frequently can do more than make you feel pampered. It is therapeutic and available for the home, in the office, or anywhere you are feeling the need […]

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Aromatherapy oils for self esteem

Published on 25 February, 2013 | Aromatherapy

Sometimes a person can feel that they lack confidence, are hesitant, don’t really like themselves and are wanting to change.

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Introduction to Aromatherapy

Published on 4 October, 2012 | Aromatherapy

Beginners Guide to Aromatherapy In this introduction guide you will learn that  Aromatherapy has been considered down through the century as a remedy that soothes the body and mind. The remedies are said to relieve symptoms coming from a variety of diseases. In addition, the remedies are claimed to relieve stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and […]

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Making Essential Oils

Published on 14 September, 2012 | Aromatherapy

Making Essential Oils – Steam Distillation, Absolutes, and CO2’s Explained by: Misty Rae Cech Aromatherapy Goes ‘High Tech’ Making Essential oils – New methods of essential oil extraction are entering the mainstream of aromatherapy, offering new choices in oils never before available. With the new labels of ‘CO2’ and ‘SCO2’, along with the traditional ‘steam’ […]

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