How to use a pendulum for dowsing

Published on 5 February, 2021 | Psychic & Spiritual

Your pendulum tool will be come like an old friend and you will be able to trust in it more, however when first learning to use it, your mind/ego can get in the way and cause confusion, so it is always best to follow your gut instinct. You can also use this tool to balance chakras and clear imbalances in the aura.

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How can you help when someone has died

Published on 23 January, 2021 | Psychic & Spiritual

With your help you can make their transition easier and less stressful. As quite often is the case we are deeply upset and missing the person so much that we forget that they too still carry feelings of deep love and affection for those left behind. They are powerless to help ease our suffering, however we can help, we are not without power to ease this painful transition period.

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Seasonal Personalities – which are you?

Published on 3 November, 2020 | Colour Therapy

Are you winter, summer, Spring or Autumn Did you know that our personalities can be broken down into seasons. For instance you maybe a winter personality or a spring. Find out which type you are?

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7 Different Body Massage Oils And Their Benefits

Published on 20 July, 2020 | Holistic Therapy

Benefits of Different Massage Oils The long working hours and professional load tend to drain you both mentally as well as physically. It impairs your ability to concentrate and function properly. That’s when the natural massage oils come to your rescue with top-notch health benefits. Not only do they take away the entire stress, but […]

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Working as a Holistic Practitioner

Published on 13 June, 2020 | Accreditation

Training is important and to enable you to get a good start you must have the confidence and knowledge to enable you to offer your services. You have found the right training school. Studying with Luna Holistic Studies you can:-

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Teaching a Yoga Class

Published on 1 April, 2020 | Case Studies

Teaching Yoga Case study example of a yoga class Creating the class and inviting the students:  If you want to teach a yoga class this case study is a great example of how to start your own yoga class. A week before I started the class, I contacted some of my friends to say that […]

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Learn to see Auras

Published on 21 August, 2019 | Auras

t is interesting to note that types of thought which are held for any length of time tend to set up a permanent hint of colour in the aura, so that the pure yellow of intellect becomes dyed with reds, blues, greens and mauve’s of the pre- dominating thoughts, and we can tell, by this same vibration, that one person is of a generous disposition, another of an avaricious nature;

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Reiki Treatments

Published on 26 July, 2019 | Accreditation

sing chakra stones is a great way to balance all the chakras whilst healing and can be a most powerful addition to any treatment or even better still why not use a chakra pendent which will guide you whilst moving over the chakras the ones that are out of balance will show by the pendent swinging faster.

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Chakra Reading with a Pendulum

Published on 7 July, 2019 | Chakras

When dealing with subtle energy, it is very important to remember that when you move energy, you will create a vacuum in the place the energy occupied. You cannot leave a vacuum or you are inviting any type of replacement energy to rush in.

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Crystals and Colour

Published on 18 June, 2019 | Crystal Healing

Crystals and Colour Here we share an excerpt from Luna Holistics’ Crystal Healing Diploma about crystals and their colour. Pure light energy Crystals embody pure light energy because they absorb and reflect light rays. As white light passes through a gem, certain wavelengths may be filtered out and those that survive the passage give the […]

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About Crystals

Published on 7 June, 2019 | Accreditation

About Crystals A crystal is a mineral that is nearly transparent and colorless or has a slight color. Practitioners of crystal healing believe that crystals, particularly quartz crystals such as amethyst or clear quartz, contain energy that enhances healing of both body and mind. They believe that crystals can be “charged” with this healing energy, […]

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About Crystals and Crystal healing

Published on 5 June, 2019 | crystals

 Crystal healing Do you want to learn more about Crystals and Crystal Healing  – Particular Healing Crystals and Healing Minerals, contain essential properties to aid us in leading a better life style and to have Better Health. These are classed as Stones for Health. Below are listed a number of the more easily available and […]

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How to choose a Crystal

Published on 1 June, 2019 | crystals

When choosing a crystal take time to not just lookat the colour but to actually feel the energy vibrations from the crystal.

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Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

Published on 10 May, 2019 | alternative therapies

Dr Bach Flower Remedies  In this article we look at the fundamental difference between western medicine and  holistic therapies and how Bach Flower Remedies consider the whole person. Western Medicine versus Holistic Therapy Western medicine has an approach that focuses on a physical methodology.  Based on the use of pharmaceuticals and technology, it literally pares […]

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Bipolar Disorder

Published on 9 May, 2019 | Counselling

What is bipolar disorder?     Learn more about Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) and how it causes serious shifts in a person’s mood, energy, thinking, and behavior – from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the […]

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