Working as an Aromatherapist

Published on 13 January, 2019 | alternative therapies

With our fully accredtied aromatherapy courses you could be working as a fully qualified practitioner. Our course will not only teach you how to do aromatherapy but how to set up business and how to get work.

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Teaching a Yoga Class

Published on 2 January, 2019 | Case Studies

Teaching Yoga Case study example of a yoga class Creating the class and inviting the students:  If you want to teach a yoga class this case study is a great example of how to start your own yoga class. A week before I started the class, I contacted some of my friends to say that […]

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Prenatal Complaints, Natural Therapies

Published on 4 December, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Natural Therapies for Common Prenatal Complaints The need for prenatal care during the entirety of a woman’s pregnancy is widely understood. 2016 findings from the Centers for Disease Control show that over 77% of women in America begin formal prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy. With about 25% of women wanting to have […]

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Chakra Reading with a Pendulum

Published on 4 December, 2018 | Chakras

When dealing with subtle energy, it is very important to remember that when you move energy, you will create a vacuum in the place the energy occupied. You cannot leave a vacuum or you are inviting any type of replacement energy to rush in.

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Diet, Exercise, and Your Health: What’s the Connection?

Published on 20 November, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

If you’re like most people, you know you should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but with everything that’s on your plate, it’s tough to make self-care a priority. After all, a trip to the gym or farmers market feels like a luxury when you’re racing to keep up with your career and family. […]

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Learn Tarot

Published on 11 November, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Brief History of the Tarot There are many types of fortune-telling cards, but not all of them are Tarot. Although researchers have tried for years to pinpoint the true origin of the Tarot, they are still unsure who created the first deck.  However it is suggested that the tarot originated in Northern Italy in the […]

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Insurance for Holistic Therapists

Published on 16 October, 2018 | Holistic Insurance

If you are a professional therapist and working with the public then you will need to get some insurance. At luna studies/school of life studies, we recommend Westminster Indemnity. Anyone needing insurance can do this in the comfort of their own home and request a quote on line. To see what type of insurance you may need then please visit our insurance page:

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Learning Colour Therapy

Published on 3 October, 2018 | alternative therapies

How can working with colour heal? Learning to use colour for therapy What is Colour Therapy? – We are surrounded by colour and of course for those of you have downloaded our free aura course will be aware how important it is to keep both our aura and chakras balanced and protect them from negative […]

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Stones For Infertility and aches and pains

Published on 1 October, 2018 | crystals

Due to the fact that it has a very high vibration, it raises the spirit from passion to compassion through suffering from the heart.

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Sundays Child

Published on 22 September, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Sundays Child Our ancestors believed that each day of the week was under the protection of a special god or goddess and that this deity ruled the lives, thought and actions of all those born on that day.

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Teeth falling out dreams

Published on 14 September, 2018 | Book Reviews

we have been able to communicate our dreams, we have been fascinated with them and strive to understand

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Benefits of Massage – Hot Stone and Swedish

Published on 12 September, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Hot Stone massage and Swedish massage The benefits of Hot Stone and Swedish Massage The benefits of a massage are many, and within this type of treatment you have a variety of different methods to choose from.  Every masseuse will have different technique as well, so don’t assume that your experience will remain the same […]

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Do Angels Exist?

Published on 11 September, 2018 | Angels

  Angels. Spiritual Mystery. Do they Exist? Angels. Spiritual Mystery. Do they Exist? by Oscar Basurto Carbonell Many persons have wondered if angels truly exist and which is their nature. We will try now, to understand this topic. The best known and evident foundation, of course, is that the angel is a messenger of God, […]

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Easy Ways To Use Technology To Battle Study Burnout

Published on 8 September, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Easy way to study 61% of college students across the country study and seek professional help to deal with anxiety or stress.  School is a challenging time, and it is important to find methods for dealing with those challenges.  Fortunately, advances in technology have made it easier to deal with stress and burnout when it comes […]

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Learning Reiki

Published on 6 September, 2018 | alternative therapies

Once you are attuned to reiki energy you will be amazed at the results. You can use hands on or hands off, so you do not even have to touch the person you are healing for it to be beneficial or effective.

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