Crystals and Colour

Published on 18 June, 2019 | Crystal Healing

Crystals and Colour Here we share an excerpt from Luna Holistics’ Crystal Healing Diploma about crystals and their colour. Pure light energy Crystals embody pure light energy because they absorb and reflect light rays. As white light passes through a gem, certain wavelengths may be filtered out and those that survive the passage give the […]

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About Crystals

Published on 7 June, 2019 | Accreditation

About Crystals A crystal is a mineral that is nearly transparent and colorless or has a slight color. Practitioners of crystal healing believe that crystals, particularly quartz crystals such as amethyst or clear quartz, contain energy that enhances healing of both body and mind. They believe that crystals can be “charged” with this healing energy, […]

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About Crystals and Crystal healing

Published on 5 June, 2019 | crystals

 Crystal healing Do you want to learn more about Crystals and Crystal Healing  – Particular Healing Crystals and Healing Minerals, contain essential properties to aid us in leading a better life style and to have Better Health. These are classed as Stones for Health. Below are listed a number of the more easily available and […]

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How to choose a Crystal

Published on 1 June, 2019 | crystals

When choosing a crystal take time to not just lookat the colour but to actually feel the energy vibrations from the crystal.

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Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

Published on 10 May, 2019 | alternative therapies

Dr Bach Flower Remedies  In this article we look at the fundamental difference between western medicine and  holistic therapies and how Bach Flower Remedies consider the whole person. Western Medicine versus Holistic Therapy Western medicine has an approach that focuses on a physical methodology.  Based on the use of pharmaceuticals and technology, it literally pares […]

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Bipolar Disorder

Published on 9 May, 2019 | Counselling

What is bipolar disorder?     Learn more about Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) and how it causes serious shifts in a person’s mood, energy, thinking, and behavior – from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the […]

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Learning with Luna Holistics – A Case Study

Published on 18 April, 2019 | Accreditation

In this case study we welcome Sonia Crepaldi who shares with us her journey to becoming a qualified and accredited holistic therapist in a new country. Thanks so much for agreeing to share your story with us Sonia. Here we ask Sonia some questions such as what were you doing before you decided to train in […]

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An Introduction to Tarot

Published on 8 April, 2019 | Holistic Therapy

Have you ever wondered what tarot is and where it came from?  Well, here’s a brief introduction from the lady who wrote the very first Tarot diploma course. A bit about the history of Tarot For hundreds of years, researchers have tried to pinpoint the true origin of the tarot.  We are still unsure who […]

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How Tarot shaped my life

Published on 31 March, 2019 | Holistic Therapy

  Hi, I’m Trish, the founder and director of Luna Holistics and I love what I do, everyday.  As it’s Tarot Month at Luna, it’s a great time to share how Tarot truly has shaped the life I’m so grateful for…. I WAS WORKING AS A WAITRESS… No, I’m not about to burst into song! […]

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Better Sleep Habits: How Rest Is The Key To Looking And Feeling Better

Published on 20 March, 2019 | Holistic Therapy

     Sleep is one of the most underrated parts of our lives, lending us the ability to recharge our minds and bodies to prepare for whatever the day throws at us. Many of us aren’t getting enough of it, and sometimes what we do get is of pretty poor quality.

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Crystals for Healing

Published on 13 March, 2019 | Crystal Healing

When acquiring gemstones for healing work, the first crystal in your collection should be quite large as this will be your generator. Your largest crystal will activate the smaller crystals, so when not in use, place them in a circular pattern around the generator crystal.

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Reflexology & Zone Therapy

Published on 20 February, 2019 | Holistic Therapy

Zone therapy Zone therapy is the foundation of modern reflexology whereby reflexologists apply pressure to (or massage) specific areas of the feet or hands, stimulating the circulation and nerve impulses to promote health throughout ‘zones’ of the body.

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Developing your psychic abilities

Published on 2 February, 2019 | Psychic & Spiritual

Spirituality has played a central role in many self help self movements such as Alcoholic Anonymous. For instance if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain trials and low spots ahead.

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Working as an Aromatherapist

Published on 13 January, 2019 | alternative therapies

With our fully accredtied aromatherapy courses you could be working as a fully qualified practitioner. Our course will not only teach you how to do aromatherapy but how to set up business and how to get work.

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Prenatal Complaints, Natural Therapies

Published on 4 December, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

Natural Therapies for Common Prenatal Complaints The need for prenatal care during the entirety of a woman’s pregnancy is widely understood. 2016 findings from the Centers for Disease Control show that over 77% of women in America begin formal prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy. With about 25% of women wanting to have […]

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