How to use a pendulum for dowsing

Published on 5 February, 2022 | Psychic & Spiritual

Exercise  Sensing Energy/Dowsing

Holding your pendulum as shown in the diagram with thumb and forefinger, use your pendulum to gently run along the 7 chakras of the person sitting opposite you. Stop the pendulum over each chakra and you will feel your dowsing tool react. It may react more strongly to certain chakras.

At this stage just feel the gentle energy force. If you are holding your pendulum correctly and gently you will be able to feel the energy either pulling or pushing the pendulum away or toward you.

Ask a Question – Now ask your pendent to let you know which way it swings for yes and which way for no. So firstly ask a question that you know the answer is yes to.

See which way the pendulum swings. Do this a couple of times so you know which way it will swing for yes and which way for no.

Do this each time you use your pendulum, do not assume it will be the same way each time. Now you can start to ask simple yes or no questions. If you feel in your gut (solar plexus area) that the answer is incorrect, then follow your gut instinct, not the pendulum.

Eventually and with practice this tool will be come like an old friend and you will be able to trust in it more, however when first learning to use it, your mind/ego can get in the way and cause confusion, so it is always best to follow your gut instinct. You can also use this tool to balance chakras and clear imbalances in the aura.

Try doing this exercise on someone else. This will not only help you get attuned and familiar with your pendulum for psychic work but also help to energise the recipient.

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