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Published on 12 February, 2022 | Free courses

Reading Auras With our free mini guides and short courses in chakras, crystals and auras you will learn that energy is everywhere. It permeates everything. Energy is what binds the universe. Our bodies are surging with this energy. Electrical impulses fire off in our brains and race through our nervous systems at the speed of […]

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Free Fun Holistic Guides

Published on 1 February, 2022 | Auras | feng shui | Free courses | Monthly Offers | Rune stones

Download some of our free fun guides today   Download free holistic guides in the following: How to read angel cards How to use a pendulum How to read runestone Crystals and Colour Numerology reading All these are free and fun to do   Download your FREE HOLISTIC GUIDES  

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Teeth falling out dreams

Published on 14 September, 2018 | Book Reviews | Free courses

we have been able to communicate our dreams, we have been fascinated with them and strive to understand

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Aromatherapy – How it works

Published on 26 August, 2018 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy | Free courses

The intentions of the oils are to heal the body and mind by relaxing the soul of stress. Few types of oils are intended to produce a romantic mood. However, according to reports the best alternative for using aromatherapy comes from massaging the oils into the flesh.

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This months Offers

Published on 31 July, 2016 | Free courses | Monthly Offers

Offer 1 Amazing Value Career Package Offers – Save over 50%   Our Career packages  are ideal for anyone wishing take more than one course and can save you over 50%.  These packages are sent to you as an attachment within 24hrs of enrollment. Simply choose your package and select the courses you would like from […]

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Understanding Feng Shui

Published on 16 May, 2015 | Accreditation | feng shui | Free courses | Uncategorized

  Our Online Feng Shui Course will teach you everything you need to know about Feng Shui and the way it interacts with Energy in the home, office, and overall lifestyle. You can apply what you have learned not only to your personal space and life but also offer Feng Shui services and help others […]

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Human Aura Part 6

Published on 24 August, 2013 | Free courses | Understaning Auras

Love, Emotions and the Human Aura In part 5 we looked at childrens auras and how food affects our aura, in this part we are looking at how love and our emotions affect our aura.

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When Free Really is Free

Published on 9 July, 2013 | Free courses

FREE Holistic Guide OFFERS! Everyone wants something for nothing? well today you can have exactly that. We are giving away 3 fantastic mini courses. If you are interested in auras, chakras and rune-stones then you can read these fantastic 3 mini courses and learn a little more about something for nothing….. Just click below for […]

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How to read Runestones

Published on 28 June, 2013 | Free courses

Rune stone’s are an Oracle from which you can seek advice. Sometimes they may not seem clear, and this is where your own intuition will be needed.

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3 Very Easy Steps – how to change your life and luck around for the better

Published on 13 May, 2013 | Free courses

  How To Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand   How To Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand by Avonlee I am going to explain to you the secret to getting everything you want. It’s quite simple really. I promise it’s easier than you probably think. All it takes […]

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How to See Auras

Published on 18 March, 2013 | Free courses

So what is an Aura and how do you see it? How to see your Auras? Well I can tell you it’s certainly not some kind of new age phenomenon nor is it something that has originated from some kind of weird cult it is actually a living energy that consists of close-knit electromagnetic particles […]

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Food and how it affects your aura

Published on 21 November, 2012 | Free courses

Aura & Diet Some children have this intellectual radiation more clearly marked than others. It is this type of child who becomes a “book-worm”; who avidly devours knowledge and becomes the man or woman of intellect. In the normal child, living n an ordinary environment, this yellow does not become so intense in colour as […]

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Chakra Healing Kits

Published on 16 November, 2012 | Chakras | Free courses

Chakras, Auras and Healing Kits Chakras are Entry Gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual body that contains the Chakras. The word Chakra in Sanskrit translates to wheel or disc. They are centres of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. They are responsible for the […]

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How love affects your Aura

Published on 1 October, 2012 | Accreditation | alternative therapies | Free courses

Love and your Aura The intensity with which such people can love when the emotions are transmuted to a higher centre, such as the heart, may in time transform them from sinners into saints; for upon our capacity to love depends our own spiritual advancement. We might say, too, that upon our capacity to love […]

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Babies Auras

Published on 30 September, 2012 | Free courses

Human Aura of Babies The newly born infant may aptly be called an  individualized foetus, for with the first breath the infant draws it becomes something more than a collection of chemical accretions. It becomes an individualized personality, with all the potentialities of the man or woman it will later become. As it hold in […]

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