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Published on 13 May, 2013 | Free courses


How To Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand


How To Hold the World in the Palm of Your Hand by Avonlee

I am going to explain to you the secret to getting everything you want. It’s quite simple really. I promise it’s easier than you probably think. All it takes is for you to remember one simple rule: The Universe and Fate give to those who deserve it most. So all you have to is prove to the Universe that YOU deserve great things.

We each have a God or Goddess inside of us, remember that, let the God or Goddess inside of you shine through, and the Universe will put you on a pedestal. In order to live like a God or Goddess, you have BECOME a God or Goddess. You must do this first and foremost above all else. When you recognize and accept that part of yourself, the world will be tilted in your favor. It’s not enough to tell yourself you’re a God or Goddess, you must TRULY believe it and TRULY become it. How can you TRULY let your inner God or Goddess shine through? Here are a few tips:

***Smile and laugh more than anything else. Even if you don’t feel like smiling or laughing, do it anyway. Think back to the times of your life when you were happiest. Gods and Goddesses have everything so why shouldn’t they smile and laugh whenever they feel like it? They can do whatever they want! They have no worries, no fear. Nothing in this world is greater or more important than having fun and enjoying oneself. Go back to the days when you were a child, before you started having worries about debt or relationships or health. Do you remember the things that made you happy as a child? The carefree innocence and the fun? Do those things again. Do them now. Trust me, the world will be a better place for you again. I promise it will be. Watch your favorite childhood cartoons or shows on Youtube. Play your favorite childhood games. Go back and play with your favorite childhood toys. Children are more like Gods than the rest of us, their aloofness and happiness makes them that way.

***Think back to all of your habits and hobbies that have been in your life ever since it started going down hill. Is there a way you can give up those habits one at a time now? Do those hobbies make you as happy like the hobbies of your childhood? The reason you’re not attracting love, abundance, happiness, freedom, and/or good health now, is a mixture of all the things you do and believe on a daily basis. You must try to become a different person. You must change these things, even if you don’t believe you can. You may like the way you are or the things you do consciously, but deep down inside you are pushing away all the good things life can bring; even if you don’t realize it. Try cutting out one small habit at a time. Try a new hobby (or go back to a childhood hobby) one day at a time. You’ll be thankful and much happier in the end.

***Change yourself a bit physically too. Gods are supposed to be very handsome and Goddesses are the most beautiful of females. Why do you think all of the lucky, wealthy, famous celebrities are so good looking for? There is nothing wrong with being a bit vain. Gods and Goddesses are supposed to be vain! Love yourself very, very much. Look in the mirror if you have to and tell yourself how beautiful you think you are and how much you love yourself. The more you appreciate yourself, the more you will appreciate life; and the more you appreciate about life, the more you will BE GIVEN TO APPRECIATE! Get your hair done differently, start doing your nails or trying out different make up. Start dressing up nicely even if you don’t plan on going out and doing anything. Indulge yourself. And guys, try different cologne than usual. Start dressing yourself like a rich man. You’re a God, start looking like one! Who cares if you don’t have a dime in the bank, or if you’re thousands of dollars in debt. Who cares if things seem to be going down hill for you. YOU ARE A GOD! LADIES YOU ARE GODDESSES! That fact alone puts you up higher on the ladder than most people! Remember, once you start to act like a God or a Goddess, all of your dreams will start to fall in place.

I myself was born and raised in a trailer in West Virginia. My family has always been low-middle class. I grew up happy, but I always felt like I was lacking money. Even when I was a small child, all I heard every day was my parents going on and on about how “poor we were”. “We’re never going to have enough money! We never have enough money! We never have any luck! Why is God mad at us? Blah blah blah..” So looking back, I think that’s part of why I myself had been poor as an adult, from the moment I turned 18 until my mid twenties. Hearing statements like that for the first 25 years of my life pounded into my subconscious and that’s all I knew. When I was thirteen, our trailer and everything we owned got wiped out completely from a flood. So trust me when I say that at the age of thirteen, I knew what it was like to literally have nothing. Things have gotten better since then of course, but I never once was able to retain the carefree happiness I knew as a small child. My childhood died that day. Can you look back and pinpoint the one thing that may have triggered your bad luck in life? Or could it be a series of things? It’s only been recently when I looked back to reflect on all of that myself. Now I have some ideas why I’ve struggled with everything from finances to relationships to anxiety disorders since then. I decided I would have to revisit the happy times of my childhood prior to the flood. I would have to BECOME that child again. I would have to let the GODDESS within shine through. And now, surely but slowly things are going my way. For once in my life, I can safely say my dreams are coming true. It is all due to these revelations that I have had; the revelations that I am sharing with you in this manual. If my dreams can come through to reality, I know all of yours can too. Do everything that I have told you. Do these three steps, just THREE steps, and you will be well on your way to having the world in the palm of your hand:


1) Smile and laugh as much as possible, just like a carefree child.

2) Change your habits and hobbies one by one; even the small things that may seem trivial that you find yourself doing occassionally.

3) Get a makeover. Change yourself physically as well. How, in your minds eye, would a God or Goddess look? How would they appear in human form? Start looking like that yourself. Look in the mirror several times throughout the day and tell yourself how wonderful you are and how much you are loved. It may sound silly, but I promise it works.

If you do all these steps, one by one, little by little, life will be improved. Your luck will start changing for the better. You will attract the attention of the Universe and Fate more, and they will be more willing to help you. “God helps those who help themselves”, right? Stop whining. Stop worrying. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You ARE a God! You ARE a Goddess! Never forget that, and the Universe won’t forget about you.


Article Source: NewAgeArticles.com

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