How Tarot shaped my life

Published on 31 March, 2019 | Holistic Therapy | Tarot

  Hi, I’m Trish, the founder and director of Luna Holistics and I love what I do, everyday.  As it’s Tarot Month at Luna, it’s a great time to share how Tarot truly has shaped the life I’m so grateful for…. I WAS WORKING AS A WAITRESS… No, I’m not about to burst into song! […]

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Tarot Consultation case study

Published on 18 July, 2016 | Case Studies | Simply Tarot | Tarot

 Tarot Reading Consultation Tarot Case study    The Calendar Spread I choose to do the Calendar spread as I find it a very good reading to conclude a session. It gives the client an interpretation of what is lies in the future for the next 12 months. Of course at all stages of reading, I […]

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Tarot Reading Case Study Example

Published on 2 March, 2016 | Case Studies | Tarot

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading  Case Study   This case study shows a full tarot reading use 10 cards combined from major and minor acarna. The client wanted to know about her current job situation and what the future outcome would be. Client requested a reading.  I welcomed her and asked her to make herself comfortable […]

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Tarot Case Study

Published on 8 February, 2015 | Case Studies | Tarot

TAROT READINGS Tarot Case Study Before I start a reading for my client, I light a candle of my clients choice of colour’. I put white candles around the room , then I lay a purple cloth on the table. This to me represents spirituality and gives me insights into the wisdom of the tarot. […]

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Tarot Reading Case Study

Published on 1 October, 2014 | Case Studies | Tarot

 TAROT READING CASE STUDY Starting the Tarot Reading To begin the reading, I laid out my purple cloth on the table. I lit a white candle, and placed the following crystals on the cloth around the candle – amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and obsidian. I chose these particular ones, for the following reasons; amethyst […]

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Tarot Reading – A Beginners Guide

Published on 22 July, 2013 | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Your Guide to Tarot If you are new to tarot and are a little confused at how exactly the cards can be used then read on. One of the most frequently asked questions of tarot readers is how can they possible get information about them just by the turn of a card. To understand tarot […]

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All about Tarot

Published on 25 November, 2012 | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Brief History of the Tarot There are many types of fortune-telling cards, but not all of them are Tarot. Although researchers have tried for years to pinpoint the true origin of the Tarot, they are still unsure who created the first deck.  However it is suggested that the tarot originated in Northern Italy in the […]

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Learn Tarot the Easy Way

Published on 29 October, 2012 | Tarot

An Easy Start to Tarot By: H.P. Thomas Moore I see many people that are interested in the Tarot and learning to read the Tarot. However many people give up right away thinking that it is too difficult to memorize all of the card meanings in order to interpret them. What I would like to do here […]

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Tarot -Suit of Coins

Published on 18 September, 2012 | Future predictions | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Tarot – Coins Coins/Pentacles/Discs This suit represents the material aspects of our lives – our finances and possessions, accomplishments, manifestations, business, trade, land, home, our level of abundance. The Coins also represent our bodies’ level of vitality, connection to the Earth and Nature, and our genetic heredity.

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Basic Tarot Reading

Published on 4 September, 2012 | Free courses | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Basic Tarot Card Reading Tarot, as we know it now, was invented sometime in the middle 15th century in Italy. It closely mirrored the playing cards of the day. Some believe that people had started using playing cards for divination purposes and the tarot were just a refined version of these cards. These basics playing […]

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Tarot, learn how to read tarot cards

Published on 29 July, 2012 | Future predictions | Tarot | Whats it all about

Tarot, Learn how to read tarot cards Tarot is a deck of cards now commonly used in ‘fortune telling’, or divination. Divination using cards is called cartomancy. The deck consists of four numbered suits like a regular deck of playing cards, and twenty two picture cards numbered one through twenty-two (in some decks, zero through […]

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Gemstone Therapy

Published on 12 July, 2012 | crystals | Free courses | Holistic Therapy | reiki | Tarot

Gemstone Therapy (also connected with Crystal Healing) Gemstone therapy is a new-age alternative healing method that has its roots in both in the Hindu religion and medieval medical practices. In the 13th and 14th centuries, gemstone elixirs were made from water and powdered gemstones and prescribed for a variety of ailments to the nobles and […]

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What are Tarot Cards

Published on 10 July, 2012 | Tarot

The Tarot What are tarot cards? The Tarot is a deck of cards now commonly used in ‘fortune telling’, or divination. Divination using cards is called cartomancy. The deck consists of four numbered suits like a regular deck of playing cards, and twenty two picture cards numbered one through twenty-two (in some decks, zero through […]

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Kings of Tarot

Published on 9 April, 2012 | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Kings of Tarot When you first learn tarot you may have heard of a significator. This is when you choose a card for whomever you are reading for. Quite often you would use one from the kings or queens depending on the age of the person being read for. For someone younger up to the […]

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Reading Tarot for Clients

Published on 6 May, 2011 | Tarot

Tarot Reading The people you will read for will certainly be turning to you for advise and more importantly Answers. The more accurate you are as a reader the more clients you will have and the better you will feel about yourself as a professional tarot reader.

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