Kings of Tarot

Published on 9 April, 2012 | Simply Tarot

Kings of Tarot

When you first learn tarot you may have heard of a significator. This is when you choose a card for whomever you are reading for. Quite often you would use one from the kings or queens depending on the age of the person being read for. For someone younger up to the age of 25 then you could use one of the pages or knights.

The kings tend to represent closure or the completion of an experience or situation. The also represents wisdom and may show up as a father, uncle, older brother, boss or an old friend in whom you may confide.

King Of Wands

This person would be a self starter whom has unlimited enthusiasm and energy. The king of wands quite often represents someone who works independently such as a sales person, self-employed or advertising agent. He will be a great motivator but can sometimes have a short temper.  The astrological sign of this card is linked to the signs of ~Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  If you where to see this card come up in a reading it would likely mean that there is an older man in your life that inspires you.  With regard to work it would mean that your business prospects are likely to improve and that success is within your grasp.  With regards to romance it could show that you are more interested in work and business than in romance and could cut yourself off emotionally from those around you.

King of Cups

The king of cups is a gentle loving and compassionate man. He will have a nurturing aspect to his personality and this could be shown in his choice of career. Counselor, psychologist, restaurant owner and teacher are common amongst the king of cups. His home and family will be very important to him and he may even work from home as he will seek financial independence but from something he enjoys not just for the sake of profit. The astrological sign of this card is linked to Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

In a reading this could show a romance with someone whom will send you flowers and loves to  show romantic gestures. He will be a good listener and can be quite emotional. With regard to a reading concerned with work it maybe that you are planning on working from home and are already taking steps in this direction.  With regard to a reading for romance it would show that you are ready for a relationship and could be now in the mood to find and attract lover. If you are already involved in a relationship it could show that you have a deep understanding with your significant other and could be thinking of renewing old vows.  Should the four of wands appear with this card there is a good chance a marriage proposal is on its way.

King of Pentacles or Coins

This King represents a man whom is successful and has accomplished a great deal in his life especially with regards to material aspects. He is likely to work as a professional businessman, CEO, banker and often self employed. His astrological link is to the signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

With regard to a reading this can show that projects you have been working on may now be nearing completion and you may be in contact with other professional people.

If reading about romance then whether you are single or committed, it depicts a courtship which will have you seen in the nicest of places , good food and wine and you are likely to be treated like royalty. You may also expect travel with your partner whether for business or pleasure or indeed both.  In a reading regarding finances this card suggest you guard against becoming too materialistic and enjoy some fun as-well as work.

King of Swords

The king of Swords represents someone in authority. Likely jobs for this person would be policeman, lawyer, judge, a doctor or a writer. This person likes the last word and thinks in a logical manner rather than emotional. He could represent someone who is the head of a company or departments. He will be someone who weighs up the pros and cons of a situation before acting. The astrological sign of this King is linked to Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

In a reading it could represent a time in your life when you need to move away from old ideas or beliefs and move on. You may have dealings with solicitors or lawyers or just the legal system in general. You must try and use your own intuition at this time. With regard to work it could be you have a boss whom you admire but may seem quite aloof, if however the tower is combined with this card there could be a redundancy or even a firing in the near future.

With regard to romance you may find you are in need of some breathing space, if you are involved with someone then you may find you have been acting with some indifference toward each other and it may be time to take a vacation together if the chariot is in the same spread or if the lovers appear it could be time to make a decision as to whether to go it alone.

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