Energy Healing

Published on 21 September, 2017 | Case Studies | Energy

Energy Healing Treatment Energy healing example case study Client was in really a very sick and bad shape and in the hospital for over a month. The doctors were struggling to come up with a diagnosis that they could treat. She’s very open to energy healing and knew that she wouldn’t get better physically if […]

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Offering Energy Healing

Published on 6 June, 2016 | Case Studies | Energy

Energy Healing Case Study   To prepare for the therapy session meditation is done on a regular basis on the build up to the session. Sitting comfortably with loose clothing on, in a warm room. Close your eyes and imagine a white light and keep aiming on the item over the next 10 minutes and […]

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Energy Healing Case Study

Published on 9 March, 2015 | alternative therapies | Case Studies | Energy

This is an Energy healing Case Study from one of our students  – Client has an extremely stressful job as a nurse in an Accident and Emergency ward in a hospital.   She confided to me that although she had to remain calm on the exterior whilst she was on duty, she witnessed many distressing […]

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Introduction to Energy Healing

Published on 27 October, 2012 | Energy | Holistic Therapy

An Introduction to Energy Healing An Introduction to Energy Healing by John Culbertson (Energy Healing Courses) In this introduction to energy healing you will learn that almost all people, contrary to what many may believe, seek and desire to be helpful to others, especially to those whom they are close to and whom they know […]

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How to Start your Day

Published on 19 August, 2012 | Energy

How to have a happy day Ok so we have all woken up on the wrong side of the bed, felt a bit of dread at knowing we have to get up or go to work. Well this is your first opportunity to start the day right. DO NOT GET OUT OF BED until you […]

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Meditation for Tarot

Published on 24 April, 2012 | Energy

Meditation Before A Tarot Card Reading By: Jackson Swift   Ebook with resale rights – click here If you plan to get a tarot card reading or any astrology report, then it is best to do a little meditation beforehand. This clears up all of your blocked chakras, and brings you the right energy you […]

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7 Layers of the Aura

Published on 3 April, 2012 | Energy

The Seven Levels of the Aura The Etheric Layer (First Layer) The Etheric Body (from “Ether”, the state between energy and matter) is composed of tiny energy lines like a sparkling web of bluish white light beams. It has the same structure as the physical body including all the anatomical parts and all the organs. […]

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