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Published on 6 June, 2016 | Case Studies

Energy Healing Case Study



To prepare for the therapy session meditation is done on a regular basis on the build up to the session. Sitting comfortably with loose clothing on, in a warm room. Close your eyes and imagine a white light and keep aiming on the item over the next 10 minutes and see the colour changes, this should lift your energy and your concentration. Use protection and a prayer to finish off the meditation and rest and take a drink after the session each time.


A few hours before the patient arriving prepare the therapy bed, switch the heating on to check the room is warm enough for them. Have a chair to use for yourself and have 2 glasses and a jug of water for both after the therapy.

30 minutes before the session sit and go into deep breathing exercise. Sit comfortably and hold your hands open. Close your eyes. Place your tongue on your palate, breath in slowly and let your stomach open, hold for 1 count. Then exhale the same time as inhale and hold again for 1 count. During the breathing imaging you pulling energy from your feet up to your base chakra, breathing well throughout.

When the client arrives I welcome them, take their jacket and bag if wanted and sit them down to explain how the therapy will go and check they are happy with that. If needed to sign an agreement on paper do so but usually not needed.


Start of treatment

energy healing

To start off place your imaginary hands on them from the feet up and pull their energy up to the base chakra, do this 7 times and imagine clearance and movement around that area. Next take energy from the feet up through the base chakra to the spleen chakra and do this also 3 times, constantly pulling energy from the feet upwards. Next start taking your energy from the feet up through your chakras to your solar plexus chakra and do this step 3 times also, keeping everything levelled. Next rise your energy from the feet up through the chakras to the heart chakra, keep your mind clear and continue, 3 times. Next move from the feet through the chakras to the throat chakras bit by bit, do this 3 times as per usual again. Then move from the feet to the brow chakra 3 times piece by piece also 3 times and then again from the feet to the crown chakra 3 times. By the time this is all done all the chakras will be levelled clear, this may take up to 20 minutes and this should relax the patient very much, if not falling asleep. (Chakra home study course)

Gently tell the patient you are to start the energy healing on them then by hand. Take both hands on the front of the eyes and let the hands rest and relax, let the energy healing progress at the moment, keep doing that until you feel that its time to move on to the next part of the body. There is the option of hand movement during the session but rest and heal style is the option I prefer. Next move on to the hands on the side of the head/temples and relax and meditate to that also, see how the feelings are and keep going until you feel it is the time to move on. Enjoy the energy.

Next move on to the back of the head one by one and gentle let the energy travel around that area, keep going until you feel as though its time to move on, gently remove your hands it by bit placing your patients head on the therapy bed cushion again.

Next move on to the throat and lower chin of the person. This should put energy around their tonsils, throat, larynx and glands. This should heal and areas and level all the areas out around that area. This should means that the head to the neck should be levelled by now. This could be the time of the client falling asleep due to energy healing, such a pleasant therapy. Next move on to the heart area or nearer to that area, depending if it’s a man or female. This area will open up some energy around then too. Keep going until you feel its time to move on. Having around the same time in all areas would be great if possible but sometimes certain areas need more sometimes than others.

Next move on to the diaphragm and rib cage, move from side to side when you feel it is time to move on. All areas will be a benefit with the patience. Next move to the pelvis area when needed. Health checks with the patient before then is popular so at least they can choose certain areas that need more help perhaps sometimes.

Next gently ask if the patient could move to face down on the therapy bed.

Next place your hands on the shoulders and slowly bit by bit move on to the top of the back in all areas, if you feel some need more energy healing than more do so. Then move to the shoulder blades and heart area, then to the lower back/kidney then sacrum. All of these areas can be done piece by piece and try not to miss any areas. If the patient is still quiet all is well, as they are able to stop at any time.




When finished start on the closing of all the chakras from the crown to the brow to the throat to the solar plexus to the spleen to the base. Close each area by imagining your hand swirling around three times and its closing and protecting the chakra and this will keep the energy there and energy should be through that person for a long time, until the next session is wanted by the patient.

After this wash your hands, and jot any details down for a record of the patient.

Aftercare advise

When washed the hands offer them a drink and ask if they need a hand moving them from the therapy bed to the chair or sitting on the therapy bed, whichever suits them. Ask for some feedback from them if possible.

(the last therapy I did and the feedback was superb, the lady had back pains in the past and was looking for some healing so thought she’d try the energy healing therapy. She did feel as though her sore head had left her and she did feel as though the mind was breathing again. She was a very nervous person so she did enjoy the hand on the stomach as her nerves did seem to go very quickly. With the back the pain did dull down quite a bit as she did have a problem settling on the therapy bed but managed to sit up with no support, the relief on the ladies face did show that the therapy was of some use. The lady did say she will be returning and will be spreading the news for the business). I kept the information on the records in the office and have given her a business card and the home number and the mobile number also, should she need support and more therapy in the future.

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