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First Aid – resuscitation

Published on 19 February, 2018 | first aid | first aid manual

Obstacles could include the tongue falling into the back of the throat; so you would carefully move it out of the way.

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What to do with breathing difficulties

Published on 19 November, 2012 | first aid

Breathing Difficulties Background Respiration allows a person to replenish their body by breathing in Oxygen for fuel, and exhaling Carbon Dioxide as waste. It only takes 3 minutes before the cells in our bodies start to die as a result of Oxygen starvation.

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Learn First Aid

Published on 1 September, 2012 | first aid

Introduction to the Fundamental First Aid Certificate Course. Learn first aid. If you are working with the public or would just like to know more how to help in an emergency then this first aid course is essential.

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How to do CPR

Published on 16 March, 2011 | first aid

CPR FOR ADULTS The following gives the actions that you should take to deal with a CPR in an adult: 1.    If you are alone with the person, SHOUT for help rather leaving them on their own and start the resuscitation immediately. 2.    Place the heel of your hand in the centre of their chest, […]

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