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Developing your psychic abilities

Published on 2 February, 2019 | Psychic & Spiritual

Spirituality has played a central role in many self help self movements such as Alcoholic Anonymous. For instance if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain trials and low spots ahead.

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Sundays Child

Published on 22 September, 2018 | Holistic Therapy | Psychic & Spiritual

Sundays Child Our ancestors believed that each day of the week was under the protection of a special god or goddess and that this deity ruled the lives, thought and actions of all those born on that day.

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Telepathic Twins

Published on 13 July, 2015 | Case Studies | Psychic & Spiritual

Telepathic and Spiritual Connection Being born a twin and having a strong spiritual connection, my sister and I are in tune with our psychic and telepathic feelings for one another. This has given us the ability to use our talents to help others on their spiritual path. We all have this psychic ability within us, […]

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Psychometric Readings

Published on 30 January, 2015 | Future predictions | Psychic & Spiritual

Psychometry Psychometry works in the same was as an auric reading, but in this case the medium holds an object. Although you can hold any object people seem to have a lot of success with jewelry. Because everything in the physical world has its own aura once you gain experience you can easily read the […]

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Psychic Case Study

Published on 31 October, 2014 | Case Studies | Psychic & Spiritual

 Psychic Case Study – submitted  by one our students. During my childhood I had many profound experiences with an energy that was not visible to me. I had many dreams, often the same one over, and conversations on a daily basis until one day I realised that it wasn’t “normal”.

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Palmistry Reading – Thumb and Nails

Published on 23 July, 2013 | Palmsitry | Psychic & Spiritual

Palmistry Tips The Thumb The Thumb indicates Will power, Temper and logic. A normal Thumb when held straight against the palm should reach the middle of the first section of the Jupiter finger.  This will show a good balance of ego, self –motivation, and drive. A long Thumb will be one that reaches past the […]

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Published on 2 May, 2013 | Psychic & Spiritual

What is Synchronicity? Who hasn’t experienced synchronicity in their life? Have you ever thought about someone for the first time in years, and run into them a few hours later? Maybe an unusual phrase you’d never heard before jumps out at you three times in the same day or a book falls off the shelf […]

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Are you Psychic?

Published on 8 April, 2013 | Psychic & Spiritual

Could you be really Psychic? Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen for ages and then beep you have a text message or the phone rings have you had a time where you feel you have already experienced something before you actually did?  You might get the feeling that you’ve met someone before […]

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How mediums contact the dead

Published on 24 February, 2013 | Psychic & Spiritual

How do Mediums Contact The Dead A medium develops a fine state of sensitivity to etheric vibrations, and who places his or her gifts at the service of humanity, works to a very definite plan. A guardian is placed in charge of his, or her, psychic development, and this guardian (or guide) interpenetrates the aura […]

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Are psychics good for your health?

Published on 11 September, 2012 | alternative therapies | Psychic & Spiritual

Can psychics be good for your health? A phenomenon known as remote viewing, which claims to use psychic powers to ‘see’ what is invisible to the naked eye, may have an intriguing role to play in healthcare. Remote chance: Lucy Pinney asks remote viewer Daz Smith to help visualise the final months of her late ex-husband’s […]

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Starting The Path To A Spiritual Journey

Published on 4 August, 2012 | Future predictions | Holistic Therapy | Psychic & Spiritual

 A Spiritual Journey by Lynn Claridge A spiritual journey and starting the path to a spiritual journey is easy to miss because it is subtle. It is a path to your higher consciousness with fuller awareness. Upon entering the spiritual path, you will begin to change your perceptions and see new interpretations of reality. You […]

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ESP – extra sensory perception

Published on 28 July, 2012 | Future predictions | Psychic & Spiritual | Whats it all about

What is ESP Extra-sensory perception (ESP) refers to any phenomena in which one gains information through means other than the recognized physical senses. ESP is therefore a broad category. Though ESP has never been scientifically proven and has numerous critics and sceptics, many laboratory test results have strongly favoured the existence of ESP, and many […]

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Are You Psychic? Yes You Are!

Published on 19 June, 2012 | Future predictions | Psychic & Spiritual

Are you Psychic? by John Culbertson A common question I typically hear from my clients and new students is “Am I psychic?” The answer has and will always be the same.

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Walking the Path to Peace

Published on 27 April, 2012 | Psychic & Spiritual | Whats it all about

The Path To Peace By: Peter E. Blank The path of greatest good can get very foggy at times. It truly can be difficult at first to see the way you should go in all situations. However, in some cases you have no question at all. Sometimes you know the right way to go and […]

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Becoming a Psychic

Published on 11 January, 2012 | Holistic Therapy | numerology | Psychic & Spiritual

An Introduction to the New Age – Becoming a Psychic By: Ei Mara Becoming a Psychic – People who accept the realm of the paranormal and unnatural are certain that people in the beginning are born with special  powers but only few becomes a psychic. There are two types of psychics that we believe in; […]

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