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Published on 30 January, 2015 | Future predictions


psychometric readings

Psychometry works in the same was as an auric reading, but in this case the medium holds an object. Although you can hold any object people seem to have a lot of success with jewelry. Because everything in the physical world has its own aura once you gain experience you can easily read the energies and emanations flowing from these objects. The idea of holding an object is to  discover more about the wearer  such as their personal life or problems. Once the psychometrist holds the object of the inquirer they will start to pick up their energies, If others have worn the object too then they will also pick up their energies and this can be confusing.  For instance the thoughts and feeling of a previous owner maybe stronger, and can overshadow those of the 2nd owner. Once you have developed this skill it can offer a very accurate guide to the lifestyle and feelings of the owner of the object. It has been known that the police in many instances have use the skills of a good psychometrist to obtain information in the some of their cases or when looking for missing persons.

Doing your own Readings

To try this for yourself enlist the help of a friend and ask them to bring you an article, that she knows about but not you. Place the article in a paper bag until you are ready to work on it, as leaving it laying around could contaminate the information.


As with conducting any psychic methods you should before you commence wash your hands to remove any emanations from your skin. Dry your hands, sit down and unwind. Try not to think about what you are doing, but note the way you are feeling. For instance do you feel hot? cold or nervous? The reason you need to be aware of any feelings you have now is so that you can then distinguish any feelings you will pick up when you start to hold the object. You should now take some deep breaths.

Reading the object

Now you have conducted your preparations take hold of the object.  Hold it gently in the palms of both hands. Keep silent and  feel or sense any vibrations that you are feeling, sometimes these feeling comes very fast and it is important that you say immediately how you are feeling or what you are seeing the moment you actually touch the article. Do not be afraid to say what you feel,  it may not make any sense to you but the chances are your friend will relate to it.  Has the article become? does it vibrate? Have you got pins and needles in your hands? do see any colour, do you see a building or house, a person? Every time you speak the scene may change, simply state what you feel without adding anything to it.  When you feel your energy fade or find it a struggle to gain any further insight now is the time to withdraw.

Closing Down 

When you feel the reading has finished place the object back in the bag and wash your hands and wrists under running water.

Tips when offering a psychometric reading

It is vital to always pass on exactly what you see and feel and never to embellish or add things that are not there. If you are unsure what you are feeling when you hold an object then say so and do not try to make things up. Emotional centers do not have the clarity of the higher levels of spiritual communication so always be honest.

Developing further Psychic Skills

We have some excellent courses on psychic and spiritual development, plus our package offers can be a great way to start your journey as a professional medium or tarot/palm reader. Accredited by the IPHM/IICT/AADP



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