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Free Fun Holistic Guides

Published on 1 February, 2022 | Auras | feng shui | Free courses | Monthly Offers | Rune stones

Download some of our free fun guides today   Download free holistic guides in the following: How to read angel cards How to use a pendulum How to read runestone Crystals and Colour Numerology reading All these are free and fun to do   Download your FREE HOLISTIC GUIDES  

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How to read Runes

Published on 21 August, 2012 | alternative therapies | Future predictions | Rune stones

A Brief History – Runes Learn how to read runes – The word “ rune “ actually mean’s mystery, magic, secret, or whisper. They are an ancient Germanic alphabet that has been dated back to the 3rd century.  It is thought that they were first used for divination purposes and later for writing and record […]

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Rune Stones – How to read them

Published on 21 July, 2012 | Free courses | Rune stones

What are Runes and How to Read them Runes are letters in a family of ancient alphabets known as runic alphabets. Runes were used as a method of communication across Scandinavia and in other Germanic nations from around the 3rd century CE to around the 13th century, when they were displaced by the Roman alphabet.

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