Calling on Angels

Published on 5 January, 2023 | Holistic Therapy

Calling on Angels

If you already believe in angels then you are most likely quite happy to chat to them either out loud or in your head. Did you know that there are more than just yours out there however, and there are lots of helpful guides to help us and others in our daily lives.


I have recently been calling on angels for many things and not just for myself. Quite often if I am driving along and see a car broke down I will ask my angel to contact some others to send down help or assistance. If I hear of someone whom is upset or in distress I will silently ask my angel to request help for this person and send angels of comfort. Angels can be called to request help to anyone or anything. Animals also benefit from angelic guidance and if you cat or dog should go missing then one of the first things you may want to do is ask for an angel of lost animals to help keep your pet safe until found.


As I sit at my desk I have on a shelf above me what I call my ‘prayer alter’. I have some crystals and plenty of candles and I will often light a candle for someone who maybe in need or is poorly or upset and when I do, I ask that they receive help from the angels for their highest good.  Whilst doing this I feel that I am not helpless and that the angels hear me.   Do I have any physical proof that any of this works – No , Do I have any proof that it does not – No. Therefore I choose to believe that as thoughts carry energy and we are all energy then my thoughts can only carry positive and loving energy to the person I am requesting help for. This in turn makes me feel that I am not helpless when a friend may call and ask me to light a candle for her dying parent or I hear of some disaster in some other part of the world.

Remember – we are not helpless we can all call our angels to help and it is said that when angels are asked they are beyond pleased to help. So next time you are on your way to work and spot that broken down bus or a someone stood at the bus stop and cold, why not send them an angel of love to help them on their day.

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