Sundays Child

Published on 22 September, 2022 | Holistic Therapy

Did you know the day you was born matters.

Will your child be fair of face, will they be graceful, or woeful? It is said you can predict your child’s temperament based on the day of the week they were born. Which day of the week was you born and just what does it mean if you are born on a Thursday or Friday ?

Sundays Child

Our ancestors believed that each day of the week was under the protection of a special god or goddess and that this deity ruled the lives, thought and actions of all those born on that day.

Are you a Sundays child. If so read on and find out what makes you so special.

Lucky Number – Your Lucky number is 1 and 4. One symbolizes leadership and strength and four offers you patience.

Lucky Colour – Orange. This colour symbolizes warmth and the light of the sun which will provide you with revitalizing energy on the physical plane.

Lucky Gemstone – Topaz –  this is your lucky stone and should be worn to endow you with wisdom and good health.

Lucky Metal – Gold (Au) – This is the supreme metal and will promote positive thinking and self-confidence. This will bring you prosperity to all who wear it but to those especially who were born on a Sunday.

Good Qualities – Sunday being the first day of the week and known as the day of the Sabbath which was set aside for rest and worship. You will have no time for the petty things in life and will have a natural dignity to organise and command. You will be ambitious and self controlled. Sundays children make good executives, leaders, pioneers and writers.

Faults – Can be known to be a little pompous and prone to self-indulgence.


Mondays Child

Monday is the day of the moon, as the 2nd day of the week it was important as our ancestors believe they are 2nd to none. It is said Mondays child is fair of face, glowing with the radiance of moonlight.


Lucky Number – Your lucky number is Two & Seven which will give you understanding and balance. Seven will bring fame and fortune with honours.

Lucky Colour – Green is your colour and this will endow you with sympathy and harmony, this colour is known to ward off evil spirits.

Lucky Gemstone – Emerald will bestow eloquence and is said to intensify loyalty. Wearing any green stone such as green moss, agate and aventurine are beneficial for anyone born on a Monday.

Lucky Metal – Silver (Ag) This will help promote communication and stimulate your intuition.

Good Qualities – Monday’s child has a unique duality due to a strong feminine streak which gives the men grace and the women a great animal magnetism. You are sparkling and witty and enjoy mixed company. You need harmony in your life and dislike quarrels.

Faults – You have a tendency towards indecision and can be seen as two faced.


Tuesdays Child

Is known as the warrior Tiu. It is said that Tuesdays child is full of grace and is ruled by Mars.

Lucky Number – Nine is your lucky number and will bring you wisdom and virtue.

Lucky Colour – Red or Scarlett will offer you increased vitality and strength. Can also help to improve the memory of people born on a Tuesday.

Lucky Gemstone – Diamond which is one of the hardest of gemstones will offer the wearer the ability to speak the truth. Jasper will also convey much happiness especially if you are born on a Tuesday.

Lucky Metal – Iron and Steel (Fe) will  help protect you against the evil eye.

Good Qualities – You are gifted with an abundance of enthusiasm, vitality, physical courage and optimism. You are dependable and more than capable of working on your own initiative.

Faults – You can be reckless and take needless risks.


 Wednesday’s Child

The child born on a Wednesday is under the god of wisdom and ruled by the planet Mercury. Wednesdays child if full of woe.

Lucky Number – Five is your lucky number and is known to repel evil spirits and offer you protection.

Lucky Colour – Sky Blue and Purple are your lucky colours and will give you power.

Lucky Gemstone – Amethyst is your stone and will bring you much peace. It is said that wearing it will protect the wearer from becoming intoxicated with the bad effects of alcohol.

Lucky Metal – Mercury (Hg) this is the authentic lucky metal for Wednesdays children however unfortunately it is highly poisonous even sealed in vessels it cannot be trusted not to break.

Good qualities – You are robust and energetic, generous with money and love and very sensitive and intuitive and loyal. You will make a good speaker but are unable to settle as you tend to flit from one thing or conversation to another. Although you may never be really a genius at one thing you will be brilliant at most things you put your mind to.

Faults – Restlessness and frustration will drive you but you must learn to relax.


Thursdays Child

You are ruled by the planet Jupiter and the god of Thunder, Thor. It is said Thursdays child has far to go.

Lucky Number – Three is the number of  the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost and symbolises supreme power on all levels.

Lucky Colour – Indigo is your colour and will inspire the material and the spiritual in the wearer and will help you to develop your psychic and spiritual connections. Especially if worn by one who was born on a Thursday.

Lucky Gemstone – Garnets will provide you with physical and mental strenght. you should however wear garnets of a deep red colour as the paler shades will be less effective.

Lucky Metal – Tin (Sn) This was a popular metal in the ancient world and many traders used this hence bringing not only metal but new ideas and products.

Good Qualities – You have many talent, are adventurous, idealistic and appreciate the finer things in life. You are a natural leader and demand the highest standards of yourself and others.  Thursdays children grow to be good parents and partners.

Faults – As a natural born leader winning is everything and if not fulfilled can make you bitter and resentful.


Fridays Child

This is ruled by the goddess of Love and is under the protection of the planet Venus. It is said that Fridays child is loving and forgiving.

Lucky Number – Six is your number and this will bring you marriage and unions from heaven.

Lucky Colour – Yellow is your colour and will inspire and stimulate its wearer. It will also improve the memory of a child born on a Friday.

Lucky Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli will help improve memory and protect children against infections. Will also safeguard pregnant woman from the danger of miscarriage.

Lucky Metal – Copper and Brass (Cu) this will alleviate paid especially associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Will bring you love and true friendship.

Good Qualities – You are patient, steadfast, impartial, honourable and loyal. You are kind and compassionate and will always defend the underdog.

Faults – you can be obstinate and stubborn.

Saturdays Child

This is the day of the God of Time and is ruled by the planet Saturn. This child symbolised peace and tranquillity and it is said that Saturdays child works hard for a living.

Lucky Number – Eight is your lucky number and will offer you unlimited possibility.

Lucky Colour – Black and Grey are your colour which will bring stability and peace. However Saturdays child must not take too much rest as this can be bad for your disposition.

Lucky Gemstone – Sapphires which are the emblems of peace, goodness and protection. You have a choice of other gems such as aquamarine for optimism, grey agate for courage and black onyx for wisdom and vision of the mind.

Lucky Metal – Your metal is  Lead and Pewter (Pb) and are symbols of stability and security. However lead should not be worn next to the body due to its toxic properties.

Good Qualities – You are far sighted, ambitious, thrifty, patient, and sincere. People will see you as a pillar of strength and can rely on you. In business matters you are a diplomat and disciplined. You will possess powers of investigation above the ordinary and will have spirituality and a clarity of vision like pure crystal. Your home is your castle.

Faults – Depression and worry can be brought  on by too much introspection.

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