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Published on 23 July, 2013 | Palmsitry

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The Thumb

The Thumb indicates Will power, Temper and logic.

A normal Thumb when held straight against the palm should reach the middle of the first section of the Jupiter finger.  This will show a good balance of ego, self –motivation, and drive.

A long Thumb will be one that reaches past the middle of the first section of the Jupiter finger.  This person will be good at managing others, and likes to be in charge.  If the Thumb is really long then this person will be a bully, overbearing and domineering.

A short Thumb, one that stops short of the middle of the first section of the Jupiter finger, shows this person likes to be looked after, and is not a decision maker.

 The Phalanges on the Thumb

Unlike the fingers the Thumb only has two Phalanges the top and bottom.  It may appear that you have three, but the bottom phalange begins at the base of the thumb.

The top phalange denotes Will power. If it is long it shows someone who likes to get his or her own way.  The thicker the phalange the more determine this person.  If the phalange is quite bulbous, this person will have quite a temper.  Someone with a weak thumb and a very fat phalange will err on the side of violence, and may be a bully. A thin top phalange indicates a nervous and sensitive person.

The bottom phalange rules Logic. If this is longer than the top phalange, it shows someone who likes to take their time when making decisions. If it is narrow at the centre, this person will be tactful and good at handling other people. If it is very narrow this person hates to be rushed into decisions and likes to mull things over.

The Position of the Thumb

The normal position for the start of the thumb is midway down the palm, and will indicate someone with practical abilities.  If the thumb starts higher up the palm near the Jupiter finger, this person will have strong opinions and a strong ego.

If the thumb starts low on the hand near the wrist, they will have little imagination, but be very practical.


The Shape of the Finger Tips

The fingertips will be one of four different shapes. Spatulate, square, pointed, or conic.

Not all the fingers will have the same shape, but if the majority are the same then that will be the dominant shape. However, if all the fingertips are different than this will be a very complex person. The Spatulate finger widens just before the end. This person will like to be active. The Square finger is exactly that, square at the top.  This person will be practical and organised. The Pointed finger has a prominent point at the end.  This person will be a daydreamer, very sensitive and easily hurt. The Conic finger is slightly rounded at the top.  This person will be impulsive, and have strong instincts.


The Nails

When studying the nails you must disregard the nail growth.

The normal length of the nail should be half the length of the top section of the finger.

If the nail is longer then this, then the person will rarely face up to reality.

If the nail is very narrow, this person will be narrow minded and think they are always right.

The wider the nail the more open minded this person, they may possibly appear a little tactless, but honest to a fault.

Long fairly wide nails show a person who is tolerant and easy going.

Long narrow nails indicate narrow-mindedness.

Short nails where you can see a gap between the nail and fingertip shows petulance.  Short wide nails show a lack of tolerance.

Visible Half Moons are a sign of good health. If they are very large this can indicate health problems. If they are not visible this could indicate health problems to do with situations, like recurring colds when under stress.

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