Telepathic Twins

Published on 13 July, 2015 | Case Studies

Telepathic and Spiritual Connection


Being born a twin and having a strong spiritual connection, my sister and I are in tune with our psychic and telepathic feelings for one another. This has given us the ability to use our talents to help others on their spiritual path. We all have this psychic ability within us, but being a twin is a bonus. This allows you to always hold on to your psychic self and not lose it along your life’s journey. This, to me, is a special gift and should always be used wisely for good. When you are a twin there are many coincidences in your life, and a 6th sense that tells you when there is something wrong. There was one experience I had when we were 11yrs old, where my sister was taken ill. There was a lot of whispering going on and I was taken to a friends place miles away, somewhere I had never been before. I was put to bed and had a strong feeling that my sister was in danger. As I was experiencing this, a white light appeared within the room, and this light had a calming effect on me. I always felt that this was my mother who had passed on that year. I fell asleep, and awoke very early next morning, the time was about 5am. I felt an overwhelming sense of purpose and a determination that I had to see my sister. I got dressed and left and began walking. Now I did not know where my sister was and I was in a unfamiliar area, but I seemed to know which way to go, as if I was guided. Eventually I arrived at the hospital where she was being kept and walked in to the room where she was. I entered and my sister awoke and smiled at me. She went back to sleep as she was very ill. I feel my sister telepathically guided me to her, to tell me all would be well. My sister was in hospital for a few months , but recovered well eventually. This is one of many unusual happenings I had when I was young and I believe that my sister used her 3rd eye to communicate with me and spiritually guided me to where she was.  (learn Psychic Development)


My Angel Guide


My first experience that I can remember regarding meeting an Angel/Guide, was when my mother was taken to her bed with cancer. My twin sister and I became her carers at a young age. At the same time each night, I would give mum a tablet and change her and make her comfortable. This particular night she wanted a glass of water. The jug was empty, and I had to go down two flights of stairs and along a passage-way to the kitchen. This had been a strange day for me; my mother had been saying that she had been seeing things. She was not upset by these happenings, quite the opposite. She loved the birds and she had seen spirit birds in her room. She kept saying that they were beautiful, but me, being young, did not understand such things at this time. As I went down the flight of stairs to get water, I felt very afraid, but as I was returning back up the stairs I turned a corner, and saw a glowing bright light shimmering. It was full of energy, and its shape took the form of an angelic being. I should have been afraid but it was like it spoke to my mind without speech, sending a feeling of love and protection. It seemed to be telling me psychically not to fear. and it radiated colours that I have never seen in this world. As it left, in a bright glowing golden light, I returned to my mothers bedroom, she was asleep, but later that night she passed into spirit. I believe it was an angel spirit, maybe my mother saying goodbye or a spirit guide come to take my mothers spirit on her journey to heaven. I have always felt my mother’s presence near me; she once said to me, ‘you were my angel on earth, so I will always be your angel in the spirit life’. This is an experience I will never forget, and I feel blessed to have been part of it.  (learn angel therapy)
Meditation / Protection

There are many different types of meditaton so it is important to find which one works best for each individual. To prepare myself for meditation, I always find a quiet place and make myself relaxed. I always cleanse and meditate before and after a Tarot Reading. I clear my mind of negative thoughts, close my eyes and connect to my Guides and Angels. This brings more inner peace and protection to my spirit. As I meditate, I light my candles, and put my crystals all around myself in a circle. I visualise a place with an opening which is full of light. As I connect to this light, I inhale and exhale with deep breaths, and begin my trance state. I imagine the light from the candles is my guiding light from my angels, and the crystals that I have placed, are my gifts to them. As they send their healing energies back into the crystals, the energies heal me and give me more strength. This helps me feel more aligned with my spirit and soul, and brings healing and cleansing to my whole being. The candles flicker; a feeling of contentment comes though my whole body, as if I am one with my spirits and guides above. As I blow the candles out and give thanks and blessings, its like blowing kisses to heaven. Strength returns and a with a renewed faith I begin to start a new and beautiful day.

Crystals in healing



My protection is my strength and faith and a belief that there is good all around us, even though some of life has lost its way. Angel’s are a strong protection as they have always supported the human race. They are older and wiser than our spirits, so they choose to share this enlightenment with us all. If you believe and have strong faith, they will come to you when you need them. The earth belongs to us to use, but its a gift that must not be mistreated. Crystals come from this earth, for us all to use in healing, in our own particular ways. They have strong healing properties, and will always uplift and heal spirit and body, They are like little gifts from natures Angels. In difficult times I always call on the Arch-Angel Michael for extra protection. (learn crystal therapy)

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