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Published on 31 March, 2019 | Holistic Therapy


Trish, Tarot reader

Hi, I’m Trish, the founder and director of Luna Holistics and I love what I do, everyday.  As it’s Tarot Month at Luna, it’s a great time to share how Tarot truly has shaped the life I’m so grateful for….


No, I’m not about to burst into song! This was what I was doing when I was first introduced to tarot at the age of 17. Someone I worked with at the night club told me that my fiancé was having an affair with a woman from work.  It turned out to be true.  From then on I knew I wanted a heads up if anyone was going to cheat on me!  And I decided Tarot was the way.


So, I bought my first pack of cards and studied them whole-heartedly.  I learned the meanings from the little booklet that came with the cards. At first I offered friends free readings so that I could see if the cards, and what I predicted, really did come true.   Sometimes the cards seemed to say something different than what I was actually feeling.  Through trial and error though, I learned to trust my gut as well as the cards.

And I soon discovered that, in essence, the cards never lie.  It was always necessary to impart information in an honest but tactful way.  Eventually people kept knocking on my door for readings and my reputation as a good tarot reader was born.

It had probably taken around 6 months of study and practice at that point, and it was then that I decided to turn it into a business.  That’s when I started charging for readings and took bookings.  This helped support me as a single mum after chucking the cheat out!!  Hence I exchanged a cheat for a pack of cards…it’s been a pretty good swap.


When I was 7 years of age my grandfather sadly died of a heart attack.  Once, after he’d passed away, I slept in my Grandma’s bed during a visit and I saw him. He spoke to me telepathically and told me not to worry, that he was OK and that he was still there but no one could see him. He told me to tell Grandma not to worry, which I duly did the next morning.   But I got a telling off from my Mum and told not to upset Grandma with nonsense!  As you might imagine, I never spoke about it again until many years later, but it has always stayed with me.

spiritualityNot long after I’d started doing Tarot readings I discovered Raymond Moody’s famous book Life After Death.    It made me realise I wasn’t alone in knowing that people still existed after death, even though you couldn’t always see them.  The book really inspired me and I went on to read everything and anything I could to do with the subject of spirituality.



As part of my business I also appeared at quite a few psychic fayres and met other readers.   It was shocking to me to learn that not all readers were genuine and many just did it for the money.

At one fayre there was a client that I wouldn’t take payment from because I could not pick her up when reading for her.  (This can happen, usually very infrequently. It’s really a matter of energies and a bit like a radio being out of tune, if you can’t tune in and you know then its best to not read for that person.  It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong, you may read for them again at another time without a problem)  Another reader at the fayre was amazed that I had refused to take money off them.  They proceeded to give me so-called tips on what I should have said to ensure the client would think the reading was OK.  I’d assumed that all readers were genuine and it left me feeling really disappointed and made honesty in my readings all the more important to me.


When I started to write my Tarot course I wanted to ensure that the Tarot readers I was going to train would have integrity and honesty and not use deceitful tactics, meaning they would offer a genuine and caring reading to their clients.

I believed that if I made readers aware of the potential problems and issues that Tarot readers can face at first, then they wouldn’t choose to resort to making things up if their readings were not going the way they’d like. It was also important to me to ensure readers did not frighten clients and would have a moral and ethical duty to them when reading.

Luna angel

The feedback and case studies I have read over the years from students who have taken my Tarot Diploma course has proved to me that this is possible.  With the right guidance, I know that Luna students make excellent Tarot readers.


Originally someone approached me to write a Tarot course, and although I had some reservations I agreed.  It took me a long time, as although I’d trained as a touch typist, I wasn’t familiar with MS Word or working on a computer.  In fact, computers had not long been available to the public; just how ancient am I!!

I’ve got to share the story about how I got my laptop. When I was living in Spain things were very difficult financially, until I came across the book The Secret. (Rhonda Byrne).  After reading it I cosmically ordered a computer for no more than 50 euros, because that’s all I had.  Luckily a chap came into the bar I was in trying to sell his laptop.  He said it didn’t work properly as he couldn’t connect to the internet so he let me have it for 50 euros.  The internet connection didn’t worry me, I just needed something to type on.

As it turned out the laptop worked perfectly (must have been his internet connection) and I used it for the next 3 years.  I went on to build my first website with it and write courses in Reiki, holistic counselling, Angel therapy, Chakra and aura healing.

Luna holistics


In the early days I started selling the Tarot course on CD Rom, but as the business developed we moved into the place we are now.  We have dozens of Accredited courses covering a huge variety of topics all available to study at home, in the students’ own time.

I was one of the very few people to specialise in offering Holistic and complementary therapy courses to study at home; the first as far as I am aware to ever offer a Tarot diploma course.  The best part of what I do is getting feedback from students who’ve taken our courses.  It’s great to hear when they’ve gone on to work for themselves and offer to heal others.

It makes me so proud that Luna has developed into a reputable and professional online training school and website.   But it wouldn’t have been possible without so many good people who have helped me along the way, including course writers and an amazing web developer.


This is my life! I discovered that my passion and desire is to develop more and more courses. To reach out and ensure we have healers all over the world.  All aspects of being part of Luna Holistics make me happy.  Whether it’s developing the website, writing blogs and articles or interacting with our students, I love my work.

I am also on a constant self-development path, learning meditation and yoga.  My daughter, who also has a passion for this business, works and laughs alongside me every day.  I am also very much hoping that my granddaughter will soon join us too. Starting a real family business from scratch is something I’m so proud of and grateful for.

Trish, granddaughter Beth and daughter Lisa

Me and my girls!


NEVER GIVE UP. If you enjoy doing something, then do it! with the same passion!!

I worked many different and mindless jobs to pay my rent, but always kept coming back to working on Luna courses whenever I had a spare minute.

At first I didn’t do it for money, although I always hoped that one day my courses would sell. I just really wanted to create something and therefore put all my energies into it. I would say I worked on my first website for a year before I even sold one CD course.  But the feeling I got when I sold my first course was amazing, and I invested every penny back. Its great to now see that I am helping others achieve their dreams of working for themselves as so many of our students have advanced in their own careers since taking our courses.



  1. just do something you love.
  2. always give yourself some hope or something to look forward to.
  3. believe in what you want to achieve and don’t get sidetracked.
  4. surround your self with others who believe in you. And ensure those who work with you have a passion and are not just money motivated.
  5. don’t give up.
  6. be grateful, be pro-active – be prepared to be flexible. Sometimes your dreams can lead you to a path you did not expect.


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