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Published on 22 July, 2013 | Simply Tarot

Your Guide to Tarot

lovers tarot

lovers tarot

If you are new to tarot and are a little confused at how exactly the cards can be used then read on. One of the most frequently asked questions of tarot readers is how can they possible get information about them just by the turn of a card. To understand tarot you need to first understand how it works. You will also need to get yourself a deck of cards. I suggest that you buy a full pack consisting of all 78 cards. It may seem overwhelming at first to imagine that you will learn 78 cards by memory, however if you follow my step by step guide you will find it easy to learn and not only how to read the cards but train to become a professional tarot reader.

How to start

So you have just purchased a pack of tarot cards

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When you have purchased your first set of cards take out the 22 Major Arcana. Put the remaining cards back in the box and put to one side for later. Now choose something to wrap these 22 cards in. You can choose a cloth of any colour, or a nice tarot bag or box. The important thing is that whatever you choose to use that you always replace your cards. Your cards should always remain covered when not in use and never left laying about to absorb outside negative influences. Now over the next 22 days you are going to learn the meanings of each of the 22 cards. Do not worry or think you will have to do this next step with the whole pack this is just for the major cards but if you learn these well you will already be 3 quarters of way to learning the rest. All will be explained later.

What Next

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Next take out the first card which will be the Fool and from either the booklet you have been given or from the tarot course you are studying from read the meaning of this card. Learn both meanings, by that you will see that each card has a reversed meaning also. Some people choose not to work with the tarot using reversed cards. If this is your choice then make it now and only read the upright version of the card. (learning the reverse however can bring more depth and understanding to your readings). Once you have read the meaning take a long look at the card. Before you go to bed place this card under your pillow. In the morning take out your card look at it again, and absorb its meaning. Now place the card back and take out the next the Magician and repeat step one. Do this for all 22 cards.

If you just follow the advise above you will have already set excellent foundations for becoming a great tarot reader. If you would like to consider tarot as a career then why not enrol in our Tarot Diploma Course. 

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