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Published on 18 July, 2016 | Case Studies

 Tarot Reading Consultation

Tarot Case study

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 The Calendar Spread

I choose to do the Calendar spread as I find it a very good reading to conclude a session. It gives the client an interpretation of what is lies in the future for the next 12 months. Of course at all stages of reading, I emphasise that the future is not set in stone. The client always has  free will.  This is the twelve month spread for Rosanna. Each card represents the months of the year starting from the bottom and going from right to left. I had already given my client a full reading before this so used this to conclude.


Card 1 = Three Pentacles. This card represents the month of July. Home improvements, painting or decorating is likely to be foremost in Rosanna’s life for this month. She will be well pleased with the outcome and others will complement the work done.


Card 2 =Three Swords. This card represents the month of August. It looks like a visit to a hospital or dentist. Nothing serious!


Card 3 = The Wheel of Fortune. This card represents the month of September. Your luck is going to change for the better. Finances will improve as money comes your way.


Card 4= Knight Swords. This card represents the month of October. Communications could be difficult. Avoid confrontations.


Card 5 = Six Wands. This card represents the month of November. You will be feeling content. Likely to be making travel plans.


Card 6 = The Lovers (reversed) This card represents the month of December. It’s a good time for spending more quality time with your partner.


Card 7 = Ace Wands. This card represents the month of January. Good news/good opportunity comes to you. You feel it’s God sent!


Card 8 = Eight Cups. This card represents the month of February. You may feel a certain dissatisfaction at work. Walk away from confrontation. You are likely to be discussing travel plans.


Card 9 = Six Cups. This card represents the month of March. Harmony restored. Meeting of old friends and acquaintances from the past will bring you much joy.

Card 10 = The Chariot. This card represents the month of April. I feel plans are being made for foreign travel or even buying a new car. Go with the flow!


Card 11 = The Hermit. This card represents the month of May. This card represents a change/transition. Realizing what is most important in your life. Be patient as this transition is a process.


Card 12 = Nine Pentacles. This card represents the month of June. Material abundance and financial security are the order of the day. Any matters related to property goes in your favour.


Card 13 = King Wands. This card is the significator which represents the client. I chose the King of Pentacles as Rosanna was born on 26 July. The planet ruling her sign is Leo and the King of Wands in the tarot that specifically represents that astrological sign.


When the reading was finished, I briefly summarised the main findings, emphasising that three of the cards indicated travel plans and it looked like her inheritance would come through possibly by September.

There could be difficulties at work but these can be avoided by refusing to take part in confrontational situations.

All in all, I assured Rosanna that her future looked good and that financial security would be assured.


Feedback: Client said she was pleased with the reading.  She went on to say that she was waiting for her inheritance to come through. That being the case she had many plans for travel, especially during the summer of 2017. She laughed as she said she might have even enough money to buy a new car! She talked about how difficult her boss is at work and how she has to hold her back from confronting him on many issues. She was amazed how accurate the first card was because she had just employed a painter to do some work around the house and his first day was actually the day of the tarot reading with me!


This reading lasted about 10 minutes.


Final conclusion:

I too was pleased and grateful that I had another happy client. I gathered my tarot cards up I thanked my client for her business. I silently thanked my Angels and my Guides for their help too during this reading. I wrapped the cards up in my sacred cloth. I then asked my client if she would like a final blessing before she left. She said she would. I asked her to close her eyes and take three deep breaths. I picked up my selenite wand and cleansed her aura. I then gently tapped her on the shoulder to signal the end of the session. She took a sip or two of water, gave me a hug and thanked me for such a detailed reading and the fact that it was for free. I thanked her for her business and reminded her that she could have another tarot reading not sooner than six months from now. We wished each other well.


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