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Published on 2 March, 2016 | Case Studies

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

 Case Study


Celtic Cross Tarot Layout


This case study shows a full tarot reading use 10 cards combined from major and minor acarna. The client wanted to know about her current job situation and what the future outcome would be.

Client requested a reading.  I welcomed her and asked her to make herself comfortable and asked if she would like a drink of water or tea/coffee.  I sorted out a glass of water for us both.  We generally talked about the weather and Client was admiring some of the pictures and banners on my wall.  I started by asking Client if she had ever had a tarot reading done before, she confirmed she had but it was quite a long time ago.


I showed her the cards I would be using and fanned them out on the table face up so she could see some of the pictures and colours.  I reminded her that the pack contains a card of “Death” but explained she should not be worried if this does appear in her reading as this represents an ending of a situation or event rather than physical death.  Client said she had remembered that from the previous reading quite well because it had appeared and she had been worried but the gentleman had put her mind at rest at the time.


I asked if Client had a particular situation she was hoping to focus on or was just looking for a general reading.  Client explained that she did have a few issues with regards to her job at the moment which would be good to see how that was going to pan out.

I briefly shuffled the cards whilst asking that my spirit guides come forward and assist with the reading, ensuring clarity and relevance for the areas that Client was requesting guidance on.  I explained to Client that I would be using the Celtic Cross reading for her today and I then asked Client to relax and to take the cards and shuffle them.  I asked her to focus on her job whilst shuffling and when ready to cut them twice.

I placed the cards on the table face up and I like to get a feel for the cards as I lay them down and link them. The reading went as follows:

Card 1 – Present – this was the 6 of Wands

I felt that Client was a hard worker and very good at what she does.  I feel that she has reached a good level of achievement and respect from her colleagues.


Card 2 – Immediate Challenge – this was the 5 of Cups

I felt there was a situation at work where someone close to her is going to be leaving, or has just left.  This situation is causing Client to feel insecure and vulnerable.  This person has a big impact on a number of the staff and I got the feeling that Client was trying to be positive and keep everyone else happy.


Card 3 – Distant Past – 3 of Swords

Client has been very badly let down in the past and so this situation is having a profound effect on her, more so than is should do because of this. I feel that Client is struggling to see the positive and is only thinking this can be bad news.


Card 4 – Recent Past – Knight of Cups

I feel that Client has received some information from a young man at work, which provides a great new opportunity for her.  I feel that Client has overlooked the significance of that news because of the emotional focus on the person leaving.


Card 5 – Best Outcome – The Hanged Man

Client needs to hold on in there, be patient but also positive.  Sometimes things are sacrificed in order to provide new opportunities for others.

As I spoke to Client, I was drawn back to the 2nd card and I had the feeling that the individual was leaving for health reasons, which is why it was so emotionally difficult to deal with.  Client confirmed this was the case and we paused a while as she was quite emotional.  Client confirmed she was happy to continue.

Card 6 – Immediate Future – 8 of Wands

Although Client needs to hold on in there, it will not be for a long period of time before things start to resolve themselves and move on.


Card 7 – Factors Affecting Situation – 5 of Wands

The changes are not going to be easy, Client will have a few challenges and struggles to work through, but she work through them and succeed.  Needs to have faith in herself.


Card 8 – External Influences – Hierophant

One of the challenges will be studying and learning new skills to enable her to manage the new opportunity.  But I feel that this is something that Client enjoys to do and picks up new skills quickly and efficiently.


Card 9 – Hopes and Fears – The Wheel of Fortune

Dare she hope for further success? Client also fears that she will not be good enough to succeed and also feels guilty that this opportunity has come about through someone else’s misfortune.  Client needs to focus on her hopes, be positive, understand that she cannot always control other situations but that this does not stop her from succeeding and taking hold of an opportunity given to her.


Card 10 – Outcome – Judgement

Client couldn’t have picked a more apt card.  She may be going through a bit of an emotional turmoil but the situation will resolve itself and she will be able to move on in a positive way.



I summarised Client’s reading by confirming that she is very successfully at what she does but a new opportunity has presented itself at work, but due to the circumstances of this resulting from a close work colleague leaving for health reasons, she is feeling guilty about taking this on and also doubts her ability to do it.  However, this is a great opportunity for her, one she will succeed at but there will be a lot of new challenges and skills to learn.  There will be a few delays whilst things are sorted and it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

Client confirmed that she works in an Accounts team and her boss, whom she is very close to, has resigned due to some health problems.  She has been asked by the Area Manager about taking over the role but this will mean moving up to the next step of her AAT exams.  She has worked with her boss for many years and feels a lot of loyalty to her and although this lady has been encouraging her, she feels very guilty as she loved her job.  She said the reading had helped her to understand that she has not “stolen” her job and said she would perhaps now look at it as not letting her boss down by carrying on her good work and making her proud.  She thanked me for the reading and said although she had a cry she had enjoyed the experience and would definitely come back for another sometime.

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