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Starting the Tarot Reading

To begin the reading, I laid out my purple cloth on the table. I lit a white candle, and placed the following crystals on the cloth around the candle – amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and obsidian. I chose these particular ones, for the following reasons; amethyst – third eye and psychic connection, rose quartz – self-confidence, ease of speaking from the heart, clear quartz – to provide overall healing and to protect the healing energy, and obsidian – to repel any negative energy and dispel fear. I chose these ones as I feel these help me to connect better to the person I’m reading for when reading with my cards. I took the cards out of their purple velvet cloth, and held them in my hands, and gazed at the candle flame, as I did this, I asked the Angels, and my Spirit Guides to shield me from any energy that doesn’t feel good, to protect my client and myself from any unwanted negativity, in any form, and to help me have a clear connection to the Divine, so I could intuitively interpret the reading I was going to give. I gave thanks and blessings, and then shuffled my cards.

 Explaining how the Reading was going to proceed to my Client

My client was called Jenny, and she told me she was a little nervous, as she had never had a card reading before, and asked what kind of readings I could do. I explained that I would be using a reading called the Celtic Cross, and this was to establish a good solid connection to her, and with her spirit guides and angels. I told her the reading I was going to do, was called the Celtic Cross, and the reading itself would depend on the overall theme of the cards, and what they wanted her to have guidance about. I explained that the cards are only to give messages of guidance, and what could come her way, should she decide to stay on the path she was on, and to think of them as preparing her for what she might be heading towards. I also explained that after I had completed the Celtic Cross reading, I would finish off with a 6 month, or 12 month, or reading of Jenny’s choosing, and because this was Jenny’s first card reading, she opted for the 6 month reading. Jenny was happy to go ahead with the reading, and I asked her if she had anything specific she wanted the reading to be about, or did she just want some guidance. Jenny said she would like some guidance about her love life. She explained she had some questions about it that she would like some answers to, and hoped that the reading could give her guidance to those questions.

I explained to Jenny, that I had already shuffled the cards, and set the intention to receive clear guidance, and that I would shuffle the cards again, then if Jenny felt comfortable to do so, I would ask her to touch the cards. I shuffled the cards, and my guides told me to shuffle the cards three times. I explained to Jenny, that I would be listening to the communication being given to me throughout, and my guides where telling me when to shuffle, and when to stop. When I stopped, I asked Jenny if she would place her hand on the top of the cards, then tap them with her dominant hand, so they could receive some of her energy, as well as mine for the reading. Jenny was quite happy to do this. I explained that my guides asked me to shuffle once more, and this was to blend our energies within the cards. I shuffled once, and then I started to choose the cards I felt guided to choose for the reading. I also explained to Jenny, that for each card placement, I would tell her what the card placement was and that I would be putting down a card in each placement, and only turning over one card at a time.

Commencing the 10 Card Tarot Reading



MAGICIAN  – The first card is the Present, and the card is The Magician. This card says that Jenny is ready to create something magical, and with practice she can really create something to be proud of. Its saying that she has the resources, she has the ability, she just needs to believe in herself. The wand in the picture is pointing up towards the sky, and down towards the earth, this tells me that whatever Jenny wishes to manifest, she can and will do with great success. This card is saying “you really do have all you need to move forwards, you have all you need and be all you want to be” I feel that Jenny feels she isn’t sure if she’s either good enough or is the right person for something close to her heart, and this card is telling her that she is good enough, and she is the right person, she just needs to believe this. In order for magical things to occur, steps must be taken. The Magician is a wise man, with wise counsel, and he carries all the elements of life with him, so he can create whatever he wants, whenever he likes, and as he carries the infinity symbol with him, he can carry on for as long he wishes to. He’s here to teach Jenny the lesson that she is far more capable of doing things than she gives herself credit for, and she has always been able to do things, she’s just somehow forgotten this along the way. He is here to show that he can create things with just the power of positive thinking, and urges Jenny to follow the same. The roses with the magician are to show his passionate side. He’s passionate about helping others, creating things, and sharing his knowledge, and the lilies represent the purity of his intentions. The number for this is 1, and this is where all creative beginnings come from, and spring into action, and it is from the energy of this number that we can take action, and achieve independence, but we must remember to be aware of our conscious thoughts, as what we think of we manifest, and bring into our lives. Astrologically, the Magician card is associated with the planet Mercury, which is all about communication and the intellect, and in this case, communication with the higher self. I feel that Jenny needs to try and change her negative thoughts of “am I good enough?” to a more positive angle, and to also stop hiding her true self. She doesn’t feel she can ask for things, or show her true self, for fear of what other people think of her, and the magician is asking her to take some time to really decide what it is she wants in her life, and not be afraid of what others think, and to go for it.


the-high-priestessTHE HIGH PRIESTESS –  The second card is Immediate Challenge, and this card is The High Priestess. This card is all about taking stock and going within. It is asking for Jenny to really look inwards as to what is it she really wants, and to have patience while some things are being worked out for her in the process. It asks that Jenny pays more attention to her own intuition, and to take some time out for herself. Its saying that it isn’t necessary for Jenny to go and rush into things just yet, in fact the longer Jenny decided what it is she wants, the better for her it will be when the outcome arrives. Jenny needs to be kinder to herself, she’s often browbeating herself and putting herself down, and not giving herself credit for her actions. The High Priestess comes to Jenny, to show her that she can have beauty inside and out, and not be afraid of it, its safe to be wise and share wisdom, and still retain some mystery. The High Priestess has explored her inner world with intense detail, and is highly skilled at understanding the spiritual voices of guidance, and at hearing the higher self. Under the guidance of the High Priestess, she asks Jenny to look for ways to help her self-reflection become a daily part of her growth, and for this I feel meditation would be a wise choice. The High Priestess gives the message also that once she feels Jenny is ready to move on from her contemplation time, she will send her on her way. The High Priestess is between two pillars, one black and one white, and these represent the duality in Jenny’s life, like Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, Male and Female, Conscious and Subconscious, the questions of what will /should Jenny choose? Behind the High Priestess, is the divide between Jenny and her connection to her spiritual side. It’s fruitful, hence the appearance of fruit (Pomegranate) and Palm Tree’s. This is to show Jenny that if she can mediate, she will find what she is looking for, and so much more. The High Priestess is also wearing a cross, and it is of equal proportions. This is to serve as a reminder not to take our beliefs to the extreme, and press them onto others, or allow others to press theirs onto Jenny. It’s important for Jenny to maintain a sense of balance in order for her to find her true path of peace. The High Priestess holds a scroll in her hand, and she is inviting Jenny to go within and read what is written on the scroll. The dress the High Priestess is a beautiful flowing robe, and looks like an ocean wave. This is to show the flow of life, the feeling of emotions, and she is asking Jenny to feel her emotions, and not drown in them as she may be doing. It’s safe to feel the emotions that Jenny is feeling, and has been feeling. The High Priestess card number is 2, and this number asks us to think positively. It asks us to remember that all will work out, as long as long as we let go of our worries, and asks Jenny to have keep the faith, and to let go of all her external and internal worries that she may be experiencing. Astrologically, the High Priestess is associated with the Moon, and the moon is considered to be the ruler of our emotions, as well as our own personal needs, and it gives us insight of how we feel about things, and also the types of people and topics in life we may feel drawn towards. Our personalities are often determined by the moon, and her cycle, because it has such a powerful effect on our emotions, how we feel about ourselves, and our own inner and personal beliefs.

6 cupsSIX OF CUPS –  The third card is the Six of Cups, and is the Distant Past. This card is very significant in this position. It has a huge influence over the present and the future. The Six of Cups is all about the past and honouring it, giving ourselves the chance to express gratitude for any memories that may have touched our hearts. Childhood memories specifically. It also asks to find forgiveness within, for some of the memories that may have been traumatic, and plagued us with fear, as we grew into adulthood. This card also indicates that someone from our past is going to be returning into our lives. Possibly someone who Jenny grew up with, or from her early adult years. Maybe even someone from a past life childhood. Because this card has water energy feel to it, there could be some sort of romantic link to this person that the card speaks of, or it could be a friend who later develops into something more in the future. This card comes to ask Jenny to really review her past, and to ask herself, what does she need to forgive, what does she need to let go of, and what does she need to remember in order to focus on healing herself within. The Six of Cups can also bring up issues surrounding children, possibly an upcoming pregnancy, or trying to conceive, this is a sign that its likely to happen. It can also suggest that perhaps Jenny should think about her career with children, and that perhaps her life purpose involves working with children. The Six of Cups also serves as a reminder, that Jenny needs to nurture and love her inner child, as the feeling I get from this is that Jenny doesn’t get enough time to play, and just have fun. On the card, there are three figures, and each of these represent an aspect of Jenny. Her masculine side is small, her feminine side is at the front of the picture, but the child in the picture is the largest of all. It feels as though Jenny is often made to feel that she’s not good enough to be who she is, and pushes herself down to suit others, hence why the masculine and feminine figure are out of balance. I feel this stems from childhood issues, of not feeling good enough, and perhaps feeling that she needed to grow up a lot faster than most children, and taking on a predominantly adult role, perhaps taking on the motherly role of the family, because of distant or lack of a father figure. The Six of Cups is like a reset point for Jenny. She’s going back into her memories, and healing and forgiving them slowly, but she feels she might get swallowed up by the whole experience. This card has come to say, it’s okay to feel that way, but to let it flow and feel the forgiveness that comes with the flow. The number for this card is 42, and this is a call to say keep the faith, and asks Jenny to look to her faith to look for guidance of the past, and of the choices that have been made, to remind us not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Astrologically, this card is associated with the Sun in Scorpio. Scorpio is a deep feeling sign, and has an ability to delve into our own oceans of emotions. The Sun in Scorpio can feel wronged or betrayed easily, and this can be difficult for those involved to forgive the situation, and find a way to move forwards.


 8cups2EIGHT OF CUPS – The forth card is the Eight of Cups, and is the Recent Past. This card indicates that a change is coming to Jenny, however the path she chooses, is entirely up to her. There’s a sense of restlessness, and a needing something more meaningful, perhaps something more spiritual, but certainly emotionally a need to grow and for Jenny to allow herself to grow. This may mean letting go of the past, and to allow herself to feel. I feel from this card, that Jenny is always someone who is there in a crisis. She’s supportive of those she cares for, and will go to any length she can to make sure those in need feel supported, and often at the expense of her own health, emotionally, mentally and physically. This card shows the ravine, and this represents Jenny emotionally flowing to the source of energy, where she is needed the most. Jenny will seek it out, and do what she does best at that point, with the energy she receives from that moment. The mountains on the card, represent how people see Jenny. She’s strong, undefeated, never gives up or gives in, and always stands tall and strong when faced with a challenge or a problem arises. The Sun and the Moon on the card, this is Jenny battling her inner self, with the outside world around her. She longs to be able to show her true self to the world, but is reminded by those around her that she is labelled in certain ways, and so to break out of those labels would be something that is hard for Jenny. Deep down she wants to be truthful to her Soul, but lacks the confidence to do so. The Eight of Cups is a card of moving on, and on the card, the man is moving away from the cups. They once served him well, but now he’s not feeling fulfilment or getting any joy from being in that present moment with them, and wants to find something more purposeful. The number for this card is 44, and this is a call to say spiritually, Jenny is completely surrounded as she makes her choices, and she transitions from one situation to another. Where Jenny is at right now, its safe to be there. They ask that she listens to her intuition as already guided, and to follow any guidance given. The number 44 when added together comes to 8, and this number says that Jenny will be experiencing an abundance of emotional fulfilment, all due to the path she will be undertaking. Astrologically, this card is a Saturn in Pisces, and a Saturn in Pisces is a highly sensitive energy, and a very much a giving to others card, and often at times too much. Saturn in Pisces wants to know there is something greater than its own self, or its current reality, and is out there waiting to be manifested into a more meaningful part of life.

2 of cupsTWO OF CUPS – The fifth card is the Two of Cups, and is the Best Outcome card. This is a card to do with falling in love. With this card, it talks about a relationship that has grown, become deeper in terms of commitments towards each other. The Two of Cups can also represent very close friends who’s connection will last their entire lives. The Two of Cups is also a card of forgiveness, so if there has been some troublesome moments, or some disputes between lovers or close friends, this card comes to say to Jenny, let all of that go, and don’t give up. Things will resolve themselves with time. The two figures on the card seem to be enjoying some for of celebration together, and appear to be sharing in a very understated moment together. Something that only their bond can fully appreciate. The couple may have been through some very difficult times together, but they are celebrating their coming through the worst, and embracing the joy they are now able to appreciate. They worked together on forgiving certain aspects, and are now fully experiencing the positive outcome. This card’s number is 38, and when added together becomes 11, a master number. With the energy of 8, this card serves as a reminder that this is a card manifestation and creation. When this card is drawn, an abundance of love is available and if not present will soon be making its way to Jenny. Number 11 is a really good number for any relationship that begins or has begun, and reminds us that we are allowed to explore the unlimited depths of our emotional and spiritual worlds that we have. Astrology wise, this card is Venus in Cancer. Venus in Cancer is a very loving and nurturing energy. It desires and also attracts deep, romantic relationships, and can begin to feel a little bit out of sorts unless such a partnership exists. To the Venus in Cancer, words are very much secondary to feelings, and/or actions also. Venus in Cancer wants to care for others, wants to provide emotional support, but also wants to feel that same level of tenderness, and that same level of connection, in return, in equal measures.

temperanceTEMPERANCE – The sixth card is Temperance, and is the Immediate Future. This card talks about combining, and the cooperation of others. It asks that that perhaps Jenny come to some sort of compromise with others around her, and perhaps some plans that Jenny wants to put into action, so that all those who are involved, also benefits from the success that will come from this action. The blending of ideas from all those who are involved, will lead to a greater success, and more abundance will follow as a result. The Temperance card is asking Jenny to exercise some patience, things might not be going as planned, or as hoped they would, and this could simply be because of timing issues, or not enough compromise all round. This card comes as there are some major changes coming around for Jenny, and she needs to take some time making some of the decisions she will need to make. This is not a time to make snap decisions, or act on impulse, this is a time of contemplation. Temperance comes when we have managed to move through a time of revelation, and changes, and its now time to integrate some welcome epiphanies that come, into the day to day. Jenny has the chance to really raise her own vibrations, and connect to a higher state of self, and feeling more enlightened from the process. Jenny also needs to be aware, this path isn’t a fast paced one, more of a gentle stroll. Slow and steady wins the race this time. On the card, the earth is a representation of our outer perceptions, and the water is a symbolisation of our inner wisdom. On this card, we see the two worlds coming together to create something magical, and something worth waiting for. The triangle we see on the angel in the card picture, is a representation of spirit, as in we are all spirit being held in by physical vessels, our bodies. The Number for this card is 14, and is a karmic number. Its one of balance, and being able to coexist with others. It can also also be a restless number, and can need help to assess and evaluate choices more carefully. The number 14 also has a very strong and very positive connection to the spiritual side of life, connection wise, and the number 14 also asks to keep a hopeful viewpoint through this time. Astrology wise, this card is represented by Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign of spiritual understanding, and optimism, especially when its been through adversity. Sagittarius is blessed with having great faith, and great hope, and its also a mutable sign of the zodiac. This means it has the ability to adapt very easily to any situation, and can relate to almost anyone in life. Sagittarius energy means its very difficult to feel low, or downhearted when present.


kingofwandsKING OF WANDS – The seventh card is the King of Wands, and is Factors Affecting Situation. This card comes to tell Jenny, it’s time she took the situation in hand, and to recognise that she has wonderful leadership skills. There are many who would benefit from Jenny taking the lead, and would help the job at hand get done at a more efficient pace, and with some creative flair. Jenny needs to realise, she has the potential to change the lives and outlook of many with her own way of doing things, and she needs to stop putting herself back and thinking she wouldn’t be good enough to take charge, or to go it alone. It’s time to focus on the important things, and let go of the things that don’t matter as much, or only distract from the important things. Around this time, there could also be an influx of helpful people, who are talented and friendly. When they show up, allow them to help and be a part of what is going on. The King of Wands is a charismatic, charming, and very inspirational type of speaker, and is able to motivate people to create and do some wonderful things. The King of Wands is very much a leader in his chosen field, and possibly within his community also. The King of Wands is what is known as a Court Card, and can represent an aspect of Jenny, or someone she knows. In this case, I feel it is someone she knows on a very personal level, and is an amazing father or will be, and is father figure to many, and takes on the role of taking people under his wing very seriously. He loves his family, in whatever form they take, he truly loves every one of them as if they were his own flesh and blood. He does however crave attention, and its best to give it to him, in order to keep things going efficiently. The number for this card is 36, and this number is saying to keep thoughts about material aspects away from fear, and to stay focused on what really matters in this life. Astrologically, this King card is mostly Sagittarius, with an added bit of Scorpio, Sagittarius is a happy, and optimistic sign, that loves to teach, learn new things, and loves to travel. Scorpio is more inwardly focused, and also tends to want to understand its inner world more. However put together, they create an energy that is very enlightened about what is is, whilst reaching out to others in the world, and maintaining a positive outlook.

8 of WandsEIGHT OF WANDS – The eighth card is the Eight of Wands, and is the External Influences. This card is a very fast paced moving card. This card comes to tell Jenny that she is going to be extremely busy. The times of being slow in pace and quiet are now over. This is the end of the slow times, and there will be rapid shifts of activity coming. This is a welcome change, and Jenny may feel a bit harried about it all at first, and in all she has to do, or Jenny may feel quite happy to have so much going on in her life. The stress that may come with this sudden rapid wave of change, will bring positive things. The Eight of Wands are flying through the air, almost like fireworks, and fireworks are usually a sign of celebration. Fireworks though, can be used well, and displayed beautifully, however they are also unpredictable, and can be a bit chaotic at times. The Wands appear to be heading in the same direction, however they may land in different directions. It is important that Jenny focuses on her main priorities, and if necessary, delegated where needed. The Eight of Wands is card 30, and can be reduced to 3. The number 30 can assure us that when we get this card, we are loved and supported by our creator, and the ascended masters. 3 further emphasises the message of celebration. Astrologically the Eight of Wands is Mercury in Sagittarius, and is extremely optimistic energy. Mercury rules the mind, and this association indicates that our minds are so full of amazing and wonderful ideas, that we might not even know where to start. We have a perception of a future that is very bright, and our to-do list becomes so full. At this point we may be feeling restless, and very eager to get everything going at once, however as much as we want to be independent and do everything on our own, it would be wise to seek the help of others in the form or friends, loved ones, peers and co-workers.

10 OF CUPSTEN OF CUPS – The ninth card is the Ten of Cups, and is the Hopes and Fears. This card is all about the coming togetherness of relationships that are of a romantic nature, the relationship we have with our own self, and family life in general. At first glance we see the couple, and two children standing under a rainbow of cups. The male and female represent a current relationship, and also the feminine and masculine sides of Jenny, coming together in harmony and balance. We don’t see the faces as this is to represent the individual on a level of physical or subconscious, or both. The children we see are the inner child, and the balance of feminine and masculine again, but this time with our inner child finding balance also. If there are children in this relationship, this card suggests that any children who are around these people in the card, will be happy and very content. Family life will be spectacularly wonderful around this time. Emotional needs will be met at this time, and also points to allowing family members to take care of us, as well as maybe us needing to take care of them. The number for this card is 46, and this energy is a type that makes us aware of our spiritual selves. It’s a time for us to be of service to others, and our families, and help where needed. The number 46 can be reduced to 1, by adding the two numbers together, and this number tells us that all relationships will benefit from positive thoughts and a strong sense of faith. Negativity is likely to bring things we really don’t want around us. Astrologically, this card is Mars in Pisces, and this is a very gentle loving energy. Mars is usually known as a very forward moving planet, however when it is in Pisces, it has a tendency to let life flow as it wants. It doesn’t buck with the natural flow of events, preferring instead to allow itself to be content with working with things as they are.

STARTHE STAR – The tenth card is the The Star, and is the Final Outcome. This card comes to tell Jenny that the difficulties she has been experiencing are over, and she can now breathe and allow herself to enjoy the moments that come her way. Jenny has made some very big changes, and with these changes has come some painful moments, growth and because she has made these changes, Jenny can now experience the abundance that is coming her way. Jenny has reached this point due to her unwavering faith, and she is very much on the right path now. This card is sometimes considered as a “make a wish” card, and is telling Jenny that any wishes she has, will come true for her as long as she keeps the faith that she has been doing all along. The number for this card is 17, and this number carries with it really good fortune. This is because all of the positive energy that we create and put out there, comes back to us and is rewarded to us once more. Any insights we have under this number are accurate and precise. Astrologically this card is ruled by Aquarius. This sign is particularly a visionary sign, and can see the possibilities of the future, and do so not just for themselves but for all of humankind. With this card, another card fell out as this one was placed down aside the cards laid out, to be read at the end of the reading. The card that fell out was the Ace of Cups, and this particular card talks about falling in love, meeting Soul Mates/Twin Flames or a platonic but very close relationship becoming more than it was, it is also an indication of a new home. I feel very strongly that this card is to do with someone who is possibly an Aquarian, as the previous card has links to Aquarius, and it is someone who will be taking a much more important role in Jenny’s life, and if she knows this person already, this a relationship that will be welcomed with love. This card also says that any psychic experiences Jenny has around this time, will be very deep and meaningful ones. The number for this card is 37, and this energy means that Jenny is being given extra reassurance that she is definitely on the right path. With this number, there is a lot of love work going on, and doors that we’re closed are now being opened and should be walked through with ease and confidence intuitively, that they are the right doorways to be going through. The number 37 can also be reduced to 1, and this number indicates that Jenny needs to remember what thoughts she has, she is creating that direction for herself, and so she must focus on the things she desires within her future.

 CLIENT FEEDBACK – Overall, I loved the reading, and I will be updating my tarot reader as the months progress to update her with the monthly readings she read for me too. I really enjoyed the experience, and I will happily come back to Clare for more readings, most definitely. I’m glad I asked her to email me the reading,  because there was a lot to take in, and I’m amazed at how incredibly accurate she was with her findings. For my first time I was really impressed.

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