Tarot Case Study

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Tarot Case Study



Before I start a reading for my client, I light a candle of my clients choice of colour’. I put white candles around the room , then I lay a purple cloth on the table. This to me represents spirituality and gives me insights into the wisdom of the tarot. As I pray and ask for guidance and knowledge from my angel guides, I sit quietly and imagine my angels and wisdom guides coming to me with the knowledge I will need for Sue’s reading. After 10 min’s I let my charka energies open up to the knowledge I am about to receive. As my client arrives I ask her to sit and relax and explain what the reading is all about, and how the angel/guide cards work to aid her journey along her path.
As with all my readings for clients I always say a prayer before reading, giving thanks and blessings for a positive outcome and help and guidance for negative blocks. I hand Sue a small card to read.

Send light and love
from heavens above
Give knowledge and wisdom
To this reading with love
The light will lead forward
From the angels rays
We give thanks and blessings to the angels above and I open cards to begin

Beginning Reading-

My client has relaxed and asked me to give her answers on business and money worries. We start with the Celtic Cross spread. I explain that this is an opening reading, and it helps her to understand where she is at this time with her emotions and spirit, After a few shuffles (3 ) and connecting with the cards, I start to lay out the reading, all the time asking within my mind for guidance and wisdom from angels.

Celtic Cross


1. Queen of Cups- The Present Situation.

This card says she is a loving and intuitive woman, with a strong maternal sense, She makes others feel relaxed when around her, and she is a very kind and loyal friend to those she has in her life. Sometimes she can be a bit sensitive and lets others put upon her, but at the same time this is the way she likes it and this gives her a stronger faith. Even though she has an emotional nature, she is loving and kind to all that are needy, and has a strong love of animals. In the reading. she is the type to give any stray animal a home as her motherly instincts tell her to love. This card is ruled by the element water. This gives her a strong sense of character and a deep and mystical and intuitive nature. She has a very creative nature and I see she is very gifted in many pursuits of the art. She would work well as a healer or a therapist professional and has good counselling skills.
2.Ace of Wands -Immediate Challenge.

With my clients crossing card is the Ace of Wands, which is also a very creative card, and helps achieving goals. With all aces, it brings new being and with the ace of wands it brings an idea to fruition. It brings a project to life, maybe a new business is started. This is a positive card for all things creative. a gift of creative energy and exciting new ideas. There will be a successful outcome to something new. The wand is a magical tool it takes its energies from the heavens and brings its power around your spirit, and gives the life energy that is needed. This element is ruled by fire and has a strong connection to the sun. As you hold onto the fiery wand it uplifts and gives spiritual strength, a rise in energy levels ,bringing with it new foundations and beginings. If the card is reversed it can mean restlessness and an uncontrolled desire for change for its own sake., a lack of confidence, and a need for the support of others.

3.The Hangman – Distant Past.

To have the hanged man in the distant past means that a sacrifice had to be made, but this was a voluntary sacrifice and this brought about a new beginning for Sue. This card can make it hard to make a decision but the changes came and the reward was good. As this card is ruled by Neptune, and water, its like a vast sea and its like a calm after the storm letting the storm pass before you make the final sacrifice and are able to see the way clearly. You wait but as you stay still your spirit becomes full of energy and faith and only then do you see the situation clearly for the first time.
4. -Resent Past -5 of cups.

This card represents the resent past, a card of betrayal and hurt and something lost. But all is not lost, something still remains and can can be worked on. As the card is ruled by Scorpio and Mars this can be put to use in a positive way. As long as you see the positive signs and don’t dwell on the negative as this leads to anger and revenge. look at the card hopefully and see that all is not lost and a way forward can be achieved. In the recent past there might have been a loss or broken relationship, a feeling of being let down or unfair treatment. Unexpected change will come so think of the positive blessings.

5. Best Outcome – Four Wands.

The best outcome for my client  is a feeling of achievement and a celebration will come, may be a new business or a well earned holiday. Harmony has been restored in her life. and she will feel more settled with her life, especially in creative maters. This is a fire card and it is good for making ideas and projects come to life. Sue will go though an exciting phase in her life. This card is like a gift from heaven, and she will harvest her rewards.

6. Immediate Future – 5 Coins.

Client had been worried about money affairs, the 5 of coins can mean hardships and loss. I explain that sometimes we can experience financial changes, but that we learn and grow and don’t repeat past mistakes. With the 5 of coins there is a need to keep the spirit positive and in control. She may feel she is doing things all alone and this feels like an abandonment. She is in search of a better life, and if she believes in better things to come, she can achieve the rewards,

7. Factors Affecting Situation – King of Swords.

Affecting this situation is the king of swords. This could be a dominant and strong man or possible legal problems. Within this reading I feel both potentials,and explain that this could contain negative and positive outcomes. The negative side is that the king of swords might be a male that she finds it hard to ask for help. His lack of emotion makes her feel that she cannot convey what she needs. Alternatively, the positive side to this card is that it the man could be a lawyer and could bring the signing of contracts. In business, an intellectual man could help her in some way. It could also mean that she becomes more ambitious and determined.

8. External Influences – Eight Of Coins.

These outside factors mean that she could take a job to help with her business. She may also learn or study new skills. Commissions could come to her from outside and there will be more labour, but she will enjoy the rewards. The number eight is a symbol of holding things together. so the outside influence of this card is good, and a gain will come from profitable skills.

9. Hopes And Fears- Death.

I explain that death in the tarot cards has many meanings, and by coming under her hopes and fears, it could mean that she fears the changes that are coming for her. She should accept the changes and go though the transformations that take place. This card seems deep and menacing, but it is quite positive, and always brings about a new you. As the old you leaves, a rebirth takes place within the spirit. a new life begins. Ruled by Scorpio, this card can be intense, passionate and determined. The number of this card is 13, so by reduction represents 4 which gives discipline, solidity and stability.

10. Final Outcome – World.

With her a balance has come, and after much patience and positive thinking, she will come to a better understanding. She may have lost one fight , but another will begin, and this will bring rewards and achievements in business. After giving up on one idea (the hanged man) and starting another, (the Ace Of Wands), it brings a new beginning to life. The World brings everything to completion like a full circle. I told client that it’s like an achievement of goals, bringing completion and success. The World is ruled by Saturn, giving her more knowledge so that she will be able to face trials in a better way. She will feel more enlightened and will be more open to life’s trials and face them head on. By letting go of her past (5 cups), and by opening up and asking for help (king of swords ), it brings her closer to that person and more able to accept the help she needs . As Sue learns new skills (8 of coins), this has improved her life and she is able to have a well earned holiday by the (4 wands). The outcome is very good and I can see that she will succeed and prosper in her new business, by learning from her past mistakes, and putting this knowledge to good use for her future.


My client was happy with her reading, and she will return in 3 months time. She said to me that a lot of her questions were answered. and that she was looking forward to beginning her new business. She had failed a business in the past, and this reading gave her insights into some of her problems. I wished her good luck and blessings and look forward to seeing her in 3 months time .

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