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Published on 6 May, 2011 | Tarot

tarot readingsTarot Reading

The people you will read for will certainly be turning to you for advise and more importantly Answers. The more accurate you are as a reader the more clients you will have and the better you will feel about yourself as a professional tarot reader.

Phone Reading Spreads

These are the most difficult of readings to do, after all you have no body language to see and your readings are done literally cold and have to be quick. With this in mind a good spread for a phone reading is essential and preferably a short one. You can use a short spread to gather concrete information first then go onto a longer one such as the celtic cross as the reading progresses.

How to design your own Tarot Spreads

Try to keep it simple. You need to first decide what kind of spread you require, for instance if you would like a quick 3 card spread or a more in depth elaborate one. The tip is to keep it consistent. Write your spread out on a piece of paper first, see how it feels and then practice. Do not however be tempted to change it around too much as you could find your self getting too confused.

One Card Spreads

I have been asked many time if its possible to do just a one card spread that is accurate. The answer is most definitely yes. If you have studied our tarot diploma course you will be aware that we actually encourage you to do this so that you get familiar with your cards.


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