How to See Auras

Published on 18 March, 2013 | Free courses

So what is an Aura and how do you see it?

How to see your Auras? Well I can tell you it’s certainly not some kind of new age phenomenon nor is it something that has originated from some kind of weird cult it is actually a living energy that consists of close-knit electromagnetic particles of varying densities.  Some children up to the age of 5 can see auras without being taught and Scientists believe that it’s the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies.

Visible to those who are tuned in and through aura cameras, it looks like layers of coloured clouds, one on top of the other. The appearance of your aura suggests your personality and mood. Experts can also pinpoint any stress or illness you may be experiencing.

You Aura is your spiritual signature, when you see a person with a bright clean aura you can be sure that this person is good and spiritually advanced, when you see someone with a dark aura they could have unclear intentions.

Read your Aura

Why not try reading your own aura by sitting in front of a mirror, making sure the light does not reflect in the mirror or that it is too uncomfortable for your eyes. Begin by looking at your shoulders and your neck area in the mirror. Then let your eyes go out of focus like you are looking beyond your body’s reflection. If you keep practising you should eventually begin  to see a white glow or out line, This will be about 1to 2 inches wide around your shoulders and neck. This is your inner aura.

Everything living has an aura so if you do find it difficult reading your own aura why not try practising on a tree or a plant.  Try Sitting in front of your potted plant, then choose a spot at the top or at the base of your plant, Let your eyes go out of focus, You should then begin to see the white inner aura of the plant . You might want to try placing a small lamp behind the plant, to illuminate its leaves and branches. Set the light behind the pot so you cannot see the bulb; make sure the lamp does not hurt your eyes in anyway. This illumination can help trick your physical sight to focus on the slight reflection of the light. As you stare at the reflection, you may notice it grow wider and soon you’ll realize that what you’re looking at is a colourful aura. Now remember that this is a plant, so it may not have the colour variations that a human or animal might have. But you should be able to see if the plant is healthy or if it lacks nourishment or if it’s beginning to develop other physical problems.

What does your Aura reveal?

Good and Poor health

Emotions – Strong and Weak

Fears and Strengths

Talents and Skills

Spiritual awareness

Past life experience

Learning and achievement

Personal evolvement

All that is you.


Aura Colours and what they mean

White – denotes purity, joy, innocence and healing powers

Purple – denotes a strong spiritual character, wisdom, power, pride and a

sense of justice.

Blue – shows someone is tranquil, creative and sensitive, with a gift for


Green – hints at material wealth, but can also be a sign of emotional stress.

Yellow – shows a happy spirit, with sharp intellect and a zest for life.

Orange – indicates an ambitious, sociable nature.

Red – lusty and passionate, also implies courage, strength, vitality and


Grey – can reveal that someone feels trapped.

Pink – shows a romantic soul who is loving, kind and a good friend. Highly


Black – this can show past trauma and illness.

Gold – Highly spiritual, working with the divine.

Brown – A down-to-earth, grounded personality.

So why not go on give at go and read some auras. Try our Free Mini Aura Report and also download our free chakra guides – Get your FREE GUIDES


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