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Published on 21 November, 2012 | Free courses

Aura & Diet

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Some children have this intellectual radiation more clearly marked than others. It is this type of child who becomes a “book-worm”; who avidly devours knowledge and becomes the man or woman of intellect. In the normal child, living n an ordinary environment, this yellow does not become so intense in colour as the red of the passional body or the blue of the health body. In the case of the mentally deficient child this radiation is practically non-existent, though it may be developed by careful training. The mentally deficient child, or adult, alternates between moods of rage and excessive affection, both of which belong to the passional nature. The reflective nature is still largely in operation in cases of this kind and can be observed from the imitative tendencies of the imbecile.

This intellectual radiaton is also produced from the chemical matter circulated by the blood stream. We know that eggs, fish and milk are the best forms of food for the people who work with their brain; the general idea is that they are more easily digested, but they are also rich in phosphorus, proteins, and iron, which, when conveyed to the brain canals, obviously produce the correct reactions.

We all know the difficulty experienced after a heavy meal, when an air of heaviness weighs upon the mind and creative work becomes difficult, if not impossible. It is interesting, from the view-point of a clairvoyant, that after a heavy meal the radiation around the head is apt to grow a little dim, while the solar plexus activity increases as the food is digested and the voluntary nervous system does its work. This may explain why the best creative work is invariably produced at night or very early in the morning. Aurthors and musicians are noted for their burning of the midnight oil. It may be partially due to the quietness of the wold at that time, but is more likely to be due to the fact that meals have been digested and the whole energy of the body can be utilized by the brain.

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