Aromatherapy – How it works

Published on 26 August, 2018 | alternative therapies


healershas been considered down through the century as a remedy that soothes the body and mind. The remedies are said to relieve symptoms coming from a variety of diseases. In addition, the remedies are claimed to relieve stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and related symptoms.


Many people have used aromatherapy, including the French natives, Egyptians, Germans, Brazilians,    Europeans,    Indians,    Canadians,    Americans,    people    in    the Mediterranean lands, and so on. The oils include the scented and essential oils.


Online you can find a variety of the oils, including Basil, Cedar wood, celery seed, carrot seed, African Bluegrass oils, bergamot, clove bud and leaf oils, and so on. The oils each have its purpose for healing the body and mind. Before using the oils be sure to read all available instructions before using.

Brief History:

massage imageAromatherapy came from France, which a Frenchman burnt his arm, dipped it in lavender oil, and concluded from the results that essential oils and scented oils are healers. The result delivered ceased the burning, as well there were no apparent scars on his arm. Essential oils and scented oils are aromatherapy oils, which came from living plants. Exceptions include the oils that came from swallowtail butterflies.

The intentions of the oils are to heal the body and mind by relaxing the soul of stress.  Few types  of oils  are  intended to  produce  a  romantic  mood. However, according to reports the best alternative for using aromatherapy comes from massaging the oils into the flesh.

I’ve talked with a masseuse who claims that many of her clients complained, since the oils made them feel drowsy, or put them to sleep. Consequently, the oils must work to relax the body and mind; otherwise the person would not feel drowsy or sleep when the oils are burning. The masseuse also mentioned that the green oils were prone to relax the body and mind, more so than other scents. Now, whether this is true or not would depend on the person and his or her level of stress.

Aromatherapy for Romance

Beautiful couple enjoying in the back massage.
As for aromatherapy massage creating romantic mood well the fact is down through the years candle lit dinners, candle lit areas, etc have created a romantic mood for many. So we can assume that aromatherapy can also create a romantic mood. The romantic oils include Jasmine. Still, a selection of aromatherapy oils can work as a romantic sparker.


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