Getting accredited if you are therapist or course provider with IPHM

Published on 4 November, 2022 | Accreditation

Getting Accredited

Should Therapists and Course providers be accredited?

What is accreditation?

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Accreditation, what is it, do you need it? 

If you are working as a therapist or perhaps offering workshops and training courses it is worth thinking about. You may want to consider getting your business accredited.  There are so many therapists and healers now working with the public that it can be difficult to know who you can trust and how to select a  reputable therapist or training provider. If you want to provide a professional service to your clients then showing them that you belong to a reputable accreditation board can make all the difference.

Why get Accredited?

There are many reasons to advertise yourself as an accredited therapist. Accredited therapists usually have an outside body that ensures they agree with their code of ethics. This can help to ensure that your chosen therapist or course provider has already been assessed and therefore should offer you a good, honest and trustworthy service.

Why be accredited with IPHM?

Many accreditation boards specialise on one particular therapy, for instance you may join an accreditation board for counsellors or massage therapists, however you may as many healers and therapists tend to do, and that is offer more than one particular therapy. It can get expensive being accredited by all these outside boards, especially if you want worldwide coverage.

With the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine you can be covered no matter what therapy or course you offer. As they cover a vast range of therapies this eliminates the need to join other accreditation boards at a costly expense to you which you then have to pass on to your clients or students.

For a full list therapies covered by iphm see “Therapies Covered by IPHM” Even if you don’t find your particular niche listed here there is still an excellent chance that they will cover your particular type of healing modality providing you specialise in a subject involving  natural health.


Membership Costs

Becoming accredited can be costly and many charge hundreds fi not thousands of pounds just to be on their list of recognised therapists and course providers. Not so with the International practitioners of holistic therapies. When you choose a board that is run independently from any college or awarding then they quite often will accept appropriately qualified therapists equally and fairly. The IPHM exist to maintain Standards and support holistic practitioners and course providers to offer the best service they can at an affordable level.

Insurance for Practitioners

insurance providers for holistic therapists           towergate insurance cover for therapists    insync insurance

Again this can run into hundreds of pounds a year just to get the necessary insurance, in fact many insurance providers will not cover you if you  have only studied an online course for instance. Again this is not so with IPHM. Whether you have studied your therapy online, workshop or one to one tuition IPHM will accept all credible therapists and course providers.

You do not need to be a member of iphm to obtain the necessary insurance however members do receive a discount, but if you would like a free quote for insurance cover then visit Insurance cover for practitioners.

IPHM for Therapists – When you obtain accreditation from IPHM as a professional therapist you will be offered a membership photo ID badge and a certificate. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month you can show your clients that you come highly recommended.

International Membership Also Includes:-

Members Therapy Badge and Certificate
Listing on their website reaching thousands of visitors
Discount on Holistic Insurance & Discount on a wide range of Holistic health products
Promote your therapies on their workshops and events page free
Use an accredited therapist logo on your own website or blog page

IPHM for course and training providers – If you are offering courses or workshops whether they are distance learning or personal training the having the backing of a reputable accreditation board can help you to attract more clients.

Once you have subscribed your on your way to showing your clients you really do mean professional business IPHM.CO.UK

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