What is Angel Therapy

Published on 25 August, 2022 | Accreditation

Angel Therapy

understand what angel therapy is and how you can use it in your daily life

Angel therapy is an alternative healing concept that involves communication with angels. The idea behind the therapy is that by establishing a connection with angelic beings, it is possible to identify and treat a wide range of health ailments. Depending on the exact style or expression of the therapeutic procedure, patients may attempt to establish the connection directly or with the aid of an angel therapist. The concept of healing through faith and spirituality is common in many faith traditions.

Contemporary expressions of angel therapy often draw on the varying ideas about angels that are part of the core beliefs of different religions. For example, some faiths see angels as guardians of human beings, with groups of angels assigned to the watch over a person. Within this framework, the angel therapy would take the form of establishing contact with those angels to learn what must be done in order to correct the emotional, spiritual, or physical condition that currently plagues the individual.

Angels for healing
In other expressions, angel therapy may involve the use of a third party that will attempt to contact specific angels that are part of the belief system of a particular faith tradition. This is often the case when a specific angelic being is associated with a particular type of healing. Angel therapists will attempt to intervene on behalf of the patient and ask for assistance in bringing about healing, either through supernatural means or the prudent use of tangible items that are employed according to the angel’s instructions.

It is important to note that some forms of angel therapy are not just about healing of the body, mind, or spirit. In some instances, the therapy has to do with obtaining guidance on how to make an important decision or choice that may alter the direction of one’s life. Angel therapies may also focus on helping an individual to become free of habits that are self-destructive. The therapy may even involve something as simple as a patient seeking help in learning how to forgive someone that has hurt the individual deeply.
Just at the type of angel healing can vary, the range of actual treatments is very broad. In some instances, the therapist is understood to channel the angel, making it possible for the patient to converse directly with the angel.

At other times, the therapy takes the form of using visualization techniques to sense the presence of angels who are gathering around the patient and infusing him or her with positive energy. The angel treatment may manifest as entering into a state where the angel can communicate with the subconscious mind, providing guidance and practical instruction on how to deal with whatever issue is at hand.
As with most alternative healing methods, angel therapy has a number of detractors as well as supporters. Some of the detractors are members of various religious communities that believe the patient is not communicating with angels, but with evil spirits. Others do not believe in the existence of angels at all; they believe the patient is engaging in a dangerous act of self-delusion that delays seeking competent medical treatment or psychological care.

Proponents of angel healing report that the encounters can often make a huge difference in the quality of life, allow the patient to see options that were not readily available before, and in general make it possible to see life and eternity with greater clarity. Supporters sometimes have sought healing from traditional medicine and received no relief, only to find that working with an angel therapist helped free them of whatever sickness or debility they had.

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