Meet your Spirit Guides

Published on 29 July, 2022 | Alternative Therapies

Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

by Michelle Beaudry

Questions About Your Life Path

You need to know whether you are following your right life path, that your decisions are in keeping with your best and highest good, and that the spirit guides that you feel around you are really real. You want to speak with them directly, see what they look like, find out their names, and ask a bucketful of heartfelt questions. With the help of a spiritual hypnotist, all this is easily done. Here are a few pointers to help you make it happen.

Do Your Guides Love You?

Your guides nudge you from time to time, registering as intuition or deja vu. They are that gut feeling that lets you know to embrace a situation or run away. They are the so-called imaginary friends you had as a child who came to play with you when you needed to not feel so lonely. Now that you are an adult, the clarity of their communication can become cloudy when you are spinning with emotional duress. Sometimes when you need them the most, you may feel the least receptive to their help. Please understand that this phenomenon generates from the human side only. Your guides always desire to help you. When you are ready to open a crystal clear channel of communication, they are right there with bells on. They love you. That is their job.

From Angels to Zoo Animals
You may be pleased to know that angels prevail as spirit guides, and your odds of having several angels looking out for you is high indeed. Keep an open mind when meeting your spirit guides for the first time. In years of helping clients meet their guides through hypnosis, I have known spirit guides to appear as angels, pulsing lights, councils of twelve in white robes, two and four footed animals, alien life forms, and every description of human being imaginable, and so forth. Your guides may be a he, she, it, or they. Having a small group of several guides is common, yet you might have only one. No matter what visual form your guides take, they can and will readily communicate directly with you.

Your Options
You can visit a psychic reader and have her describe your guides to you, and she’ll be happy to deliver messages back and forth, since the reader, not you, experiences them directly. With hypnosis, you have direct communication. Or you can use methods that include years of meditation, near death experiences, and highly illegal non-prescription drugs. Do you have years at your disposal to learn meditation, or do you want answers now? Do you really want to tempt death? Do you trust hallucinogenic street drugs? I assure you, there is a better, safer option, and that is hypnosis. Follow instructions, and it can all be done in an hour or two.

Hypnosis 101
Not believing in hypnosis is like not believing in Tuesday or February. You already go into trance every time you watch a tv show that you like, or read a book that you like, or see a film that you like, or, well, you get the idea. You already go into trance when you sit down to read your email for 10 minutes, and suddenly an hour and a half has passed. You already go into trance when you fall in love or make love. It is like daydreaming to the tenth power. No one can make you go there, just as no one can make you like a movie. When you do like a movie, you naturally enter into a light state of hypnosis. The state deepens when you love that movie. But when you do not like that movie at all, it is exactly because it does not entrance you. Point being, you already love hypnosis, my friend. You spend good money on it. Seen your cable bill lately?

What Hypnosis Is Not
It is not what Hollywood has told you. Sadly, there has never been a single film or television show that accurately portrays how hypnosis actually works. No one controls you in hypnosis any more than they do when you daydream. Hypnosis is not sleep. You can hear all the sounds around you during trance, as you are neither unconscious nor asleep. Hypnosis can not make you murder anyone. Ask any mob boss or CIA agent, and you will hear how money and sex work much better as inducements to criminal behavior. Hypnosis is not mind control. Ask the armed forces if they use it to interrogate prisoners, and their answer will be no. They do not use it because they can not. No one can force you to do anything, legal or otherwise, in trance. And you can come out of trance at any time by simply choosing to do so.

What Hypnosis Is
Please understand that the feeling of being an individual is a necessary part of experiencing a human lifetime, and for that experience, we need a conscious mind as well as the spiritually connected subconscious mind. Your conscious mind filters out the interconnectedness of all energy in the universe expressly so you can have your human experience of being an individual. Hypnosis simply sets aside the conscious part of the mind, and accesses the far larger, more powerful subconscious. In other words, set aside the conscious mind with hypnosis, and its filter disengages. This opens up your senses to the spiritual world, and gives you direct access to your guides.

So Easy, You Do It with Your Eyes Closed
Hypnosis is easier to do than you think. And your guides are happy to talk to you. So what are you waiting for? Meet them today. Oh, and one last note, refrain from asking your guides about money. For some reason, the very idea of money only makes them laugh. Ask them why yourself, if you like. Ask them anything you like. Anything at all. See, they love you. That is their job.

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