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Published on 7 June, 2016 | Aromatherapy

Treat Yourself To A Great Night Of Sleep With The Help Of Aromatherapy

better nights sleep with aromatherapy essential oils

If you are craving more sleep or aren’t happy with how rested you feel when you wake up, you’re hardly alone. Many people have trouble disconnecting from the stress of modern life when it’s time to relax and go to bed. Aromatherapy techniques using essential oils can make it a lot easier to actually get that full night of rest you deserve.

What Makes Aromatherapy So Effective?

The scent receptors in your nose are tied directly into the limbic system, the deepest and most primal part of your brain. Only smell has this direct attachment. Your other senses are processed in more conscious portions of the mind. This is why smells often evoke deep-seated memories or change your mood.

Since the limbic system is largely responsible for your emotions and motivation, it’s the part of the brain you want to target in order to relieve stress and prepare yourself for a night of restorative sleep. Although aromatherapy alone may not be enough to cure serious sleep disorders like persistent insomnia, making a habit of using essential oils for aromatherapy can condition your mind to fall asleep more quickly and get a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

Picking The Right Essential Oils

As you are already aware if you have shopped for essential oils, there is a huge range of choices available to you and every oil has a reputation for causing different effects. Obviously, to help you get to sleep, you want to stay away from energizing and stimulating scents! Bear in mind that every person’s body is different and you may need to experiment with different oils and blends until you find your perfect bedtime mixture.

* Lavender

This “queen” of the essential oils has a number of different uses, but it’s always been prized for its calming effects. It is ideal for letting go of stress and preparing for sleep.

* Sweet Marjoram

There are many different varieties of marjoram out there, but the sweet breeds have a particularly notable ability to reduce mental and physical tension and induce a relaxed, sedate mood. If you look at pre-mixed blends designed for bedtime use, sweet marjoram oil is a very common ingredient.

* Chamomile

As soothing and relaxing in oil form as it is when brewed into a tea, chamomile is an outstanding stress-buster. Make sure you get oil produced from Roman chamomile, as it’s the species most associated with relaxation.

* Bergamot

This is a perfect choice if you’re a fan of citrus scents. While most citrus oils are pretty potent stimulants, bergamot has a balancing and calming effect when inhaled. Cold-pressed bergamot oil might become your bedtime favourite.

Using Oils Pproperly

There are several different ways to put your essential oils to use. Many people find a linen spray used on pillows and sheets to be highly effective, but the favourite ways to enjoy bedtime oils are probably with burners and diffusers. The simplest solution is to simply dab a single drop of oil on a cotton ball and leave it on your nightstand.

Note that pure essential oils are extremely potent in their concentrated forms. You should dilute your oils down to get the most out of them and avoid irritation. Other natural oils (such as coconut) make a perfect base for diffusion or topical application, while oils intended for spraying are best mixed with distilled water.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully if you are using a burner or diffuser. Different models are designed for different dilutions and mixtures. If you prefer a burner, make sure it is a safe model that’s designed to extinguish itself. You don’t want to use a potential fire hazard to try and fall asleep!

Although not everyone finds aromatherapy to be the perfect solution to their sleep issues, most people who give it a proper try do find that it makes a positive difference. Why not test it out yourself? You have nothing to lose except another night of unsatisfying tossing and turning. If your initial explorations are successful, your favourite essential oils may become a prominent part of your nightly bedtime preparations.

Shana Smith is a natural health enthusiast and successful business owner. She owns a site, www.aromatherapy4mom.cowhich is dedicated to natural health remedies and aromatherapy

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