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Published on 10 July, 2013 | Aromatherapy





This evergreen shrub or climbing vine has delicate leaves and star shaped white flowers, which are very fragrant in nature. The Rose is known as the ‘Queen of oils’ but the Jasmine is considered to be the ‘King of Oils’. It is very costly to make and is therefore, like rose, one of the more expensive essential oils. The flowers are best plucked at night, as the perfume is at its strongest then and the method of Enfleurage is used in extracting the essential oil so the labour costs are high. As with Rose and jasmine  essential oil, very small amounts of Jasmine essential oil are needed for treatment.

Most Jasmine absolute essential oil originates from the Grasse region in France, although Jasmine is found in China, Northern India, the Mediterranean and Asia. The dried flowers are used to make Jasmine tea.
Jasmine is known as a warming and relaxing oil emotionally. It is useful where people who have depression also feel lethargic an unmotivated or have feelings of low self esteem.

Like Rose essential oil, Jasmine is a beneficial uterine tonic, good for painful periods and cramps, although Marjoram is just as effective and less expensive. Jasmine can be used to good effect during childbirth, used in a carrier oil during the early stages of labour on the abdomen and lower back to act as pain relief and to make contractions stronger. As Jasmine is also an anti-depressant this too can help you to avoid post-natal depression.

Sexual dysfunction is often a result of stress and anxiety; Jasmine can be of use in this area too. Jasmine has long been known as an aphrodisiac. Jasmine is also a success in skincare products and is particularly useful for dry and sensitive skin. Once again only a little of the essential oil is necessary, added to a base cream as described in Part Two of the course.

extract for part 2 of Introduction to Aromatherapy Certificate Course


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